I found one!

  1. I found one ladies! OMG I finally found the purse I've been looking for! Remember this?


    Okay, do you guys remember retail on this? Wasnt it around $458? Or was it $598? I cant remember! Well I've been emailing a very reputable seller who listed this but it didnt sell before it ended and shes offered to sell it to me for $280!

    What do we think? Is that a good deal? Shes so nice too because I dont get paid for another 2 weeks and she said she'd wait for me! And how long have I been searching for this satchel? 3 weeks now? OMG you guys, please tell me this is a great deal!
  2. I checked several auctions on eBay for the same bag. The sellers give a MSRP of $458.
  3. Does she have detailed pics? If so and that you determined it's authentic, I say it's a great price!
  4. I agree w/ kathyrose...it's seems like a great price IF it's authentic. If you have no doubt in your mind that it's real than I would go for it.
  5. Pay through paypal in case it is not authentic
  6. I agree, if it's authentic that's a great price. Did she say why she was selling it?
  7. I am 100% positive its real! She is also a member of a similar forum (I'd rather not say much more ladies, its just that I've been looking for this for so long I dont want anyone else jumping on it!) The pictures check out and she bought it from the boutique so she has the dustbag and receipt (that shes going to send to me) and box it came in.

    kezza She said shes selling it because she travels a lot and the bag is not "travel friendly" (I guess because the canvas gets dirty too easily?). She is addicted to other designer things, not so much purses, so shes going to take the money I pay her for this and buy another bag she likes more instead of just keeping it.
  8. Well, I would love to see pictures if you do get it...congrats!
  9. ^ Definitely! You girls are always the first (besides myself, lol) to see!

    Kiari I dont/cant do PayPal :sad:
  10. Ohh abandoned I know the seller you're talking about.. most of the girls on that forum are total sweethearts! I wouldn't worry about authenticity/ bait and switch or any of that stuff at all :heart: It's a great price so if you want it definitely get it!!
  11. Thank you sparkles!! :heart:33 I was hoping you would help me out here, I know the girls get concerned what with all the fakes, but youre a member there so you know. I'm so excited you guys, I wish my paychecks were bigger so I wouldnt have to wait so dang long!!
  12. Guys you 2 are such a tease I so wanna know about this other forum...
  13. ^ :shame: Oh no. .I knew it would come to this. .Well I think (?) were not supposed to talk about/provide links to other forums (those threads always seem to get locked) and I'm kind of nervous someone one else will PM her with a better offer but I'll PM you!
  14. Awwww, congrats! I know you've been looking for it forever.

    PS -- your bear with your coach looks adorable!
  15. I know you have been looking for this bag forever. I knew you would jump on it. So I say go for it! Get the bag you love.