I found one thompson bag I like!

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  1. I got the new catalog today and most of what was in it we've seen and I've not been interested in until I turned to the 2nd to last page and saw this pretty white tote bag. I completely missed this bag in the catalog so I went looking for it! I found it on pages 28-29. It's the Legacy Thompson Slim tote! The stock photo really makes this bag look bland and flat but in the catalog it is just gorgeous! Still it's $648 so probably won't be happening for me but I do like it! Here's the drilldown pick of it in parchment. It also comes in ink and mahogany.

  2. oooh! I like the stiching on the sides!
  3. Yes! The stitching detail on the sides is what really makes this bag! There are 2 rows but in the pic above you can only see one. And the leather in the catalog pic looks gorgeous! Darn it! I just cannot allow myself to want a $648 bag! UGH!
  4. I really like this bag too!! It would have been the next one if it had a longer strap. But oh well, I got the hobo!
  5. Love the Tote and it's details. I would love to see pics of your Thompson HOBO!
  6. I just ordered it today and actually, i'm not allowed to open it until Christmas! So everyone will have to wait, sorry!!
  7. I really like that bag!
  8. I like the detailing of the thompson bags, I like Julia, the catalog says 10x10x4 but the website says 1-1/2 which is too slim for me. :sad: the satchel is a classic!
  9. I like this bag. It is the only one in the Thompson line that I might buy. My next purchase for myself will be between that one and the bleeker large leather flap.
  10. I saw this exact bag in this same parchment color in person at my Coach store last week! Someone had ordered it but never picked it up. It is GORGEOUS! I have no need for totes but if I did, this is my all time fave. Also want to add...the picture does nothing for it. This is one bag that looks SO MUCH better in person. :tender: