I FOUND ONE!!! Alluminio Bow!!

  1. I know many of bow owners are in trouble and consider return/repair due to the damages... but I couldn't give up.

    I started call Saks in my neighbor states yesterday and guess what... I found one where only 2.5 hours away from my home!!:yahoo::nuts::wlae::roflmfao:

    Since Saks has gift card event, I asked the SA to charge me today so I can get $100 gift card, too.:graucho:

    Finally, I am joining to the trouble group. :smile: I asked SA to check for any damages before shipping... she said it looks perfect. Hope it is ok :sweatdrop:
  2. nice to hear u found one!
    i'm still on waiting list in the UK...hopefully i can get mine soon too!
    remember to post some pics when u received it!!
  3. Hi fee, are they making more allumino bows or are you waiting for them to transfer old stocks from somewhere else? Thanks.
  4. Congratulation! That color is not easy to find. :tup: Please post modeling pictures. :yes:
  5. I'm not sure if they are making more bow bags or not, i rang up and asked the SA's but they don't have a clue about anything...but they keep telling me that they will hopefully get some more stock in soon...so fingers crossed!

    Just wondering is there any issues about the bag being in poor quality like others have said..? cos that really worries me..
  6. congratulations mishmesh! pick it up right away and post pics here...
  7. Congrats on tracking one down!
  8. i just returned my allumino one to Saks on Tuesday night - I hope that's not the one u're getting? the leather piping's cracked...can u call to make sure?

    i hope im not scaring u here, but if u got a totally brand new one (i've used mine for 2 weeks prior finding out there were problems), congrats and wear the bag in good health!
  9. Did you returned the bow to Saks in CA?? The bow I got is coming from Birmingham, AL.
    I'll check and post a pic as soon as I get it!
  10. wonderful! post pics!
  11. congrats!! can't wait to see pics
  12. YAY! I told you waiting will pay off :p

  13. mishmesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just reread all the posts here and it says you got it from Birmingham, AL!!!!!!!!
    I hope MY BAG isn't the one YOUR RECIEVING
    because if it is ><
    Call SAKS to see if the bag your getting is BRAND NEW or is a returned item.
  14. Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!:wtf:

    Did you return yours?????

    I tried to talk to the SA earlier today, but she was already off. Yesterday, she said it will be shipped out TODAY and give me tracking info, but it seems little weird now that I don't see any pending charges in my CC yet and no call from her. :sad:

    Let's see how it goes... I'll call her again tommorrow morning and keep updates here.
  15. Yup, I returned mine yesterday. FEDEX came to my house a few times and since I've been sick for the past 2 days, they caught me when I was home from school and I decided to give up my bow since the SCRATCH bothered me more than the rips on the edges, either way I decided to give it up... I'm thinking about getting the MUGHETTO bow.

    I just hope your bow isn't MY bow.. if so, it'd be funny and at the same time I'm sorry if that occurs but CHECK with your SAKS SA asap!!! My bow was purchased from
    Birmingham, AL and my SA told me that's where it'd be returning to.

    Keep me updated, kay?!