~*I found my Large Black DS Tote*~

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  1. After searching and searching, I finally found my Large DS tote! :yahoo: It was obviously a return at Saks, but I love it!!! Thank you to all the girls who helped me locate this baby! :flowers:
    DS.jpg DS (1).jpg DS (2).jpg
  2. Congrats! It looks great, and fits all your stuff nicely.
  3. Thank you Tammy! It is indeed, a perfect size for me :smile:
  4. congrats!! It is beautiful!
  5. Its beautiful. Enjoy!
  6. OMG, I am so happy for you! Congrats & enjoy.
  7. gorgeous!! i'm glad you were finally able to find it!
  8. Congrats, beautiful bag.
  9. WOO HOO!!!!:party:
  10. Big Congratuations, I'm glad you were able to find it and it looks very roomy too. Have fun showing it off. :smile:
  11. Oh man... it's SOO beautiful! I'm never going to get sick of seeing this ever!
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats!:yes:
  13. So pretty...Congrats!!!I really like that style and it holds alot!
  14. Gorgeous! Wear it well. I like the DS best in black!!
  15. Pelinaka, the Guccis then this beauty!! Congrats!!
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