I found my HOLY GRAIL!!!!


Sep 19, 2006
I have not done a reveal in a long time as I am on a year long ban. I went crazy in 2008 and 2009 and bought close to 20 LVs in less than 2 years.

Anyway, I have been good and have not bought anything in 8 months. It was difficult at times but I managed to live through everyone's purchases here. So today, I walked into a high end consignment store, low and behold, I saw my Holy Grail. This bag came out 9 years ago, I remember seeing it on In Style magazine but I didn't have the money to get it back then. I have been in love with this bag ever since. I wanted to get it from *bay many times but one in mint condition is over $1200, and I have to add shipping and duties on top.

My heart was racing when I saw the bag as I have never seen it before IRL. The condition is not mint but I managed to get it at quite a good price. The inside of the bag is clean, so overall I am very happy. To top it all, my hubby didn't say anything when I told him I was getting it. He knows that this is my dream bag!!!! He even said this one looks nicer than my 2009 Graffiti in Fushia :nuts:

So, let me present my 2001 Graffiti Speedy in Khaki!!!! I also added a group shot of all my LE Speedys!!! Thanks for letting me share.



Dec 15, 2009
It looks like it's in really, really good condition to me! Congrats to you!!!

Nordy's girl

My youngest!
Sep 23, 2008
Congrats on getting your HG bag, it's gorgeous! It looks like it's in fabulous condition from the pictures. This is truly one of my favorite LE speedies, this and the Monogramouflage. The family pic of your LE speedies is great! Enjoy your new HG:yahoo:


Keep In Touch Eh
Feb 6, 2010
WOW, a big congrats! I can feel your excitement finding your HG bag! Am Happy for you. Enjoy your LE speedies... Great group shots!


big purse, big heart
Jan 3, 2009
super congrats! I'm actually carrying that exact bag today. Like you I was fund challeged when it was released in 01 but had been lusting at it ever since. finally got one a few yrs ago but rarely carried it bc I LVoed it so much. recently Ive been using it & it's still my fav of all my LVs.

It was fate, the bag was waiting for you. wear her well :smile: