I found my HG straightening brush!

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  1. I have fine, wavy hair that I "beat into submission" every day for it to be straight. :shrugs:

    I bought the GHD iron which worked wonders but ironing every day is not good for my hair. I got split ends even with a Kerastase Ciment Thermique leave in conditioner.

    Blow drying doesn't hurt my hair so I needed something that was better than a round brush and I found it in my Denman Ceramic Straightening brush. The brush has "thermoceramic plates with vented design allow warm air to circulate more freely for fast blowdrying performance. Pure natural boar bristle adds condition and shine."

    This brush works wonders! I blow dry my hair first with a round brush and use this to straighten out my ends which tend to flip up all the time. It's a godsend! I have one but am thinking of getting another one so I can travel with it. I have finally found my HG in this brush, I am praying that they don't discontinue it. :P

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  2. Wow, I'm so glad to hear this worked for you. I've tried this brush before, and sadly it does absolutely nothing for my hair, but I'm glad to hear it works for you. :smile:
  3. Sorry to hear that! What happened?
  4. great to hear its working for u. I'm going to try to get one as well, thanks for the wonderful tip.
  5. It get's my hair 70's straight-ish. Not a look that flatters me. :smile:

    Really for my hair the straightening iron is the only thing that can get the job done. :smile:
  6. Cool find!

    S~ you need a GHD!
  7. Can you get this at Sallys by chance? I was just going there today to get a paddle brush but I'd like to try this if it will work.