I found my Etoupe JPG Birkin!!!

  1. Yes Yes Yes it is mine now!!! It will be here in 1 week. DH has to pick it up on his way back from a business trip:nuts: :yahoo: . I'm sooo happy!

    OMG I need to find me some shoes to match it now:p . Thanks to all of you who helped me with the color. I love the pic of all you ladies who have a purse in this color. It is sooo beautiful!:heart:
  2. I'm soooo jelous :p It's such a gorgeous bag, congratulations :yahoo:
  3. Congrats! An etoupe JPG sounds GORGEOUS! :drool: Man, girl, how many birkins do have now?
  4. he he, DH said I have way too much. His fault tho...he buys them:p .
  5. Thank so much! I am so excited I cant contain it!:yahoo:
  6. SP ~ I Am So For You!!!!! I:heart: :heart: :heart: Your Collection!!! Happy Mommy's Day!!!!!!:love:
  7. Thank you Bagluv! Happy Mommy's day to you too:heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. another addition to an amazing collection! congrats! enjoy. i'm beginning to really love etoupe!
  9. Thanks kim_mac. I thought that Etoupe was too grey when I first saw it. But then I kept looking at it and just started to fall in love!
  10. simplyprincess, this is exciting! I feel you will love the etoupe.
  11. I cant wait until DH picks it up. He tells me it is my Mommys day present from him:heart: . I just love the way the Etoupe JPG looks on Victoria Beckham. I hope I can do it justice when it gets here:p
    WOW!! CONGRATS!:yahoo:

    I want one too......
  13. Congratulations!!!
    :dothewave: :dothewave:
    I love etoupe. What color hardware did you get? Don't forget to post pics for us. I am really wanting to add a bag in this color to my collection but have just gone overboard this month.

    Can't wait to see your new baby. That's so exciting!!
  14. yay! i love this color, leather, & bag style combo!
  15. I am excited to see the pictures of it. What hardware does it have?