I found my dream bag

  1. I agree no more buying preloved bags for me. I will wait for something better in the future. Thanks!!
  2. Just so you know, I bought a fake once too, and it all worked out in the end. So don't lose hope.
  3. I bought a fake Neverfull DE GM on Craiglist and found out on here it was fake...a previous poster mentioned only paying cash which I advise against because you have no protection or evidence in a legal battle as was my case. I will never, ever buy second hand again because of that experience!
  4. I almost got victimized on eBay too !
    I'm glad I followed my instinct and
    and got lucky ;) but, that's the first
    and last one !!! Be carefully next time
    OP ! You work hard for your money
    for someone steal it so easily !!!

    Hope you will get your money back
    soon !!!
  5. She finally responded and told me it was a gift all sales final. But then told me to resell on craigslist or eBay. For one she never said all sales final and for another I told her I would never sell anyone a fake. I told her how wrong she is to sell a fake bag. She told me I can't return the bag the return address is the ups store. That is a lie it came from a eye optics place which I am assuming is her work. She told me good luck getting my money back. If paypal doesn't resolve this I will be taking her to small claims court. I told her it is very illegal to sell fakes!!!
  6. That's what I was told by the girl who sold me the fake Zippy wallet. She said that it had been a gift from her boyfriend and that she is very disappointed to find out now that it is a fake. Perhaps she was telling the truth, because she refunded my money straight away? I really hope that you get your money back. Either way, stay positive. Somehow, things always work out in the end. XXX
  7. OP, I hope that you are able to get your money back and that everything will be resolved ASAP:smile:
  8. I would call the credit card company asap. And paypal- don't email them, call. I am sure that they can help you!
  9. OP that's great you have that all in writing!
  10. She just told me she will refund my money once she gets the bag back. How do I prove that she received the bag. I really don't want to see her resell a fake bag to someone else. She told me she has another interest on the bag and someone else she can sell the bag too. I told her it is very Illegal to sell fakes on craigslist and eBay. She told me I was rude. I am not being rude just don't want her to play someone else.
  11. I think I would wait to see what Paypal says.. I would be afraid to send back the bag.. She wasn't honest the first time what would make her honest the second time?? She might keep the bag and your money!!!
  12. No way would I send the bag back before finding out what Paypal and your CC company say. As a pp mentioned, paypal told them to DESTROY the bag and they got their money back. So the seller was out the bag and the money and no one else got hurt. That's how it should be. Do not send her that bag, she is not interested in being an honest person.

    Hope this all resolves quickly for you.
  13. I am contacting paypal today to see what they tell me to do. I will wait on a answer from them first.
  14. yes please keep us posted, as i was reading this i felt so angry and bad for you, hope it all works out and u can get your money back even if it takes some time
  15. OP if you know where she works you can call the fraud division of the local district attorney and/or attorney general of her state to report this fraud and selling of counterfeit goods. Not sure if they will do anything but it might be useful. Make sure you let her know if you do. Also maybe report her to LV corporate. Who knows? They might send a cease and desist letter. Make her squirm a bit. Lol.