I found my dream bag

  1. I did pay with my credit card. How does that work?
  2. Thank you for the help. I am filing a claim with paypal today.
  3. You didn't ask me but if Paypal ends up not being able to help you, you can call your credit card company and if your card has that particular protection plan, you can get your money back through your credit card company.
  4. Thank You :smile:
  5. Wow really bummed about this.. I would say try both disputing it with PayPal and your credit card, did you use American express?
  6. I used MasterCard. I am so bummed :sad:
  7. My MasterCard and Visa has that plan too, just call and ask
  8. ...
    Never had to use one, but heard caroldiva.com is good it's seven dollars an item to be authenticated.
  9. I sent her a message asking how much written authentication costs. Just waiting on a answer. Thank you.
  10. Good keep us updated, fingers crossed.
  11. She's excellent!
  12. How much you paid this woman for this bag?
  13. She is gorgeous, gratx