I Found My Black Sienna~cheap!

  1. What a great great day it is. After calling all over creation trying to find one I went for a final look over eBay. There was an auction with a stock pic of a smooth Sienna but the description said embossed. It was a short description and one I would usually pass up on. I wrote the seller and she told me she bought it from a boutique in Illinois and it was authentic. I told her what pics I needed of it. I didn't think she'd send them but she did just a half hour ago. Amazing Black smooth Sienna for 210 BIN!!! She sent me all the angles I needed for authenticity. You can tell just by the beautiful leather. I can't believe this because I was going to go on Kooba.com and pay full price tonight.
    Here's a few pics...

    BTW....I do so appreciate Bessie for going out of her way to try to find me one. BUT...I'm sorta glad you didn't because I got a better price :smile: . eBay can be a wonderful thing!




  2. congrats. very nice. n that is a great price for it too. don't you just love it when you find deals like this? :yahoo:
  3. Congrats, Lexie! So happy for you. You really wanted this bag and now she's on her way to you! It is a great day!:yahoo:

    lexie im so psyched for you!!! :smile: it must have been in the cards for you to get it!

    I am so glad you got such an awsome price that rocks!!! whooo hooooo
  5. Way to go, girl, great deal:yahoo: just saved yourself at least $350! I'd love one as well, but they are so hard to get hold of and I'm not paying another $649 (I think..LOL)
  6. Beautiful! Nice work, Lex!
  7. Wow! That's wonderful! I'm very jealous...:p
  8. Congratulations Lexie! I'm a long time lurker, but find myself spending more and more time here in Koobaville.
    I saw that item myself, but went right past it because it was listed as an embossed Sienna. Good for you for digging deeper and getting such a great deal!
  9. Welcome Youngster? Why not stick around here for awhile and we''ll help bleed you dry of money...LOL Does your name reflect your age? If you are 12 I'll have to make sure Bessie keeps things PG for ya ;)
  10. LOL! I'm way past 12. I've got kids older than 12! But, fortunately, I'm not quite ready for social security!
  11. beautiful, congrats!!
  12. Good eye, Lexie. It's gorgeous!!
    I am so green with envy ! :greengrin:

    My Sienna is on the back burner for now, we had an unexpected expenditure last week...a new TV for hubby.

    Oh well, perhaps God has a Sienna for me out there too.
    Gosh, I hope I don't have to fork out 600 bucks for mine!
  13. Ha Ha Ha! Naughty Bessie! :roflmfao:
  14. Lexie, congratulations you lucky gal! And a smart shopper, too. A black Sienna? We're all jealous here...I'd love to trade my seldom used Moss for a black anytime. I keep telling myself that I will be using it more this summer...we shall see.
  15. Thanks all. It was a thrill because it was so unexpected. That was an auction I wouldn't touch in normal circumstances. I was ready for her to send pics of a pleather look bag. When I reread the auction I sent her a mail and told her nevermind about the pics because I see where she said embossed but listed the wrong pic. I was shocked when she sent pics anyway and told me it was her fault, that she described it wrong. She then added an extra pic to her auction. But as soon as I saw those pics I was on it in about 2 minutes. Another case of "Could have gotten alot more money if I added nice pics and showed the real bag" but she must have just wanted to sell it because 210 BIN was unbelieveable.

    I was thinking about this earlier on how to ease my husband's anxiety when he saw 620 or so on the credit card from Kooba. Thank goodness I never got around to it.

    Don't feel bad guys. You know me....I might be selling this bag in a week or two...Hahaha but for right now I want it for me.