I found my beloved BV bag, thanks to the PF!

  1. ...The purse Forum is a wonderful network of information and kindness!

    I had posted earlier that I have been lusting for a Bottega Veneta Flap Bag in creme for the longest time. I have had a hard time looking for a perfect ivory/creme/white bag and this one is the best for me. (It's the bag on Boxermom's avatar):yes:

    I would circle the handbag counter like a vulture and try it on whenever I was at my local Nordstroms. The price tag was out of my range though- at least to justify the purchase! So, I asked my SA to please notify me if it ever went on sale.

    I then posted later that it had finally gone on sale, and my SA didn't call me!:rant: By the time I found out, there were none left in any of the few Nordstroms that carried it.

    Then I got a PM from Wickedassin (a wonderful PFer) and she had spotted one in her area that was on the sale table (probably a return). I had it sent up to my Nordstroms and picked it up yesterday.

    During this time it had been marked down AGAIN and I got it for over $1,000.00 less than the original retail!:nuts:

    Thank you again, Wickedassin, and to all you PFers- this is such a great forum! I'm glad we can help each other...:smile:
  2. Congrats, Marly, on finally landing your dream bag! We all have each other covered, huh?:yes: ;)
  3. whoa, great story! love you girls!
  4. Thats AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Lets see a pic of your new beauty!
  5. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!:yahoo: I'm So Happy For You!!!!!!!!!:heart: Pictures please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I can't get a closeup and will post the actual bag when I have time, but for now here's a picture:
  7. The picture doesn't do justice to the beautiful weave that it has, and it's as soft as a baby's bottom!
  8. Congratulations.
  9. Marly, obviously I LOVE that bag!!! I always thought the creme color was wonderful on that style. I'm so happy you got it and I'm jealous (kidding) that you got it for such a fantastic price--that makes it all perfect. We'd love to see an IRL pic of it. I love the magnet closing on the flap.:yahoo:
  10. Awesome....Congrats!!!
  11. Congratulations on such a pretty bag! I wasn't as luck as you. I got the creame hobo you had on hold for us and it was a love at the first sight. The color is really pretty. But when I started to examine it, I found some dirty spots on the bottom. I returned it and my SA was able to locate another one, but that one has an ink mark on it.:crybaby:

    I feel so happy for you that you got your dream bag at such a great price!
  12. What a beauty! Congratulations Marly. Can you tell me the size of the bag? Thanks.
  13. Congrats Marly. This bag is gorgeous. :love:
    Wickedassin is wonderful. =)
  14. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - up the TPF sisterhood!
  15. wow! i saw this bag IRL, i could say, it's really a beauty!!! congrats Marly :drool: