I found more issues with my 12A red jumbo, do you have the same issues like mine?

  1. I agree too. I can't accept the quality at all, but I wanna see how good their refinishing job is... My SA said they'll do a good job on it, so I believe her and will give it a try!😥
  2. The sad part is this is becoming more and more common. My friend purchased a med flap in black lamb w/shw 2 mos ago. She didn't notice until she got home that it was defective. I'm talking 2 noticeable faded spots on the front, loose stitching on the chain as well as the seam on the front flap. The worse part is the snooty SA and her manager had the nerve of accusing her of not properly caring for the bag. Mind you she never even used it, not even once!!!

    I'm unfamiliar with the wait times for repairs, but for a 1-2 mos wait they should just give you a brand new one. They didn't wait that long to take your money. I hope it works out for you. Please post after pix when it's fixed.
  3. I returned a m/l red flap last month because of those stinky white dots. What are they? Return asap! Good luck on finding a better one.
  4. image-714592693.jpg

    Wrinkles on a square mini red, sigh. Anyway,
    You should return the jumbo, you deserve the perfect one for 5k.
  5. Ugh what is wrong with all these 12a reds!! So frustrating!

    Where did you find yours?
  6. OP, I totally understand how you feel about the quality of the 12A red flaps. I am having some issues with them as well. My first purchase of the 12A red M/L flap, I got a problem with the interlace chain link. One of the links were widely open. And one of the quilts in the back was kinda deflated. So I exchanged for the 2nd one. The second one was even worse. There's like a dark/black spot in the back of the flap. It looks like the red leather was peeling off that's why you see the black leather inside. And there are a lot of white spots on the right back of the flap. When I texted my SA about the 2nd bag, he said it looks PERFECT to him, to his manager, and his colleages because they had inspected it carefully before they did the exchange for me. I don't even mention about the white spots like the one you got on yours but about the black spot where the leather was peeling off, it looks so obvious but I don't know why none of them have seen it. Sorry I wanted to vent too. :sad:
    white spot.JPG dot.JPG link open.JPG white spot3.JPG
  7. def try to get a new one!
  8. The bag in the picture belongs to someone else, not mine. I just feel scared because I am waiting for my red mini coming next week from Nordstrom. What's wrong with the red caviar 12A? I saw and read many problems of it.
  9. Thanks for the details ladies. Now I have to really check my mini. I don't have a good eye for details!,
  10. The stitch is easy to fix but I will be disappointing too if this is my new bag.
    the one that bother me a lot and I for sure will return too , because of those white dots. what are they? weird!
  11. The 12A red M/L flap I checked out had the same issue with the dots. It was the only one in stock and they offered to "fix" it for me but I decided against buying it.
    Although I love Chanel I seriously think they are overlooking the quality of their bags lately and I don't think they're really worth it for the average quality they are offering. Thinking of writing Karl myself ;)
    Bought a red bag from another brand instead and although it is simply gorgeous, I am still frustrated and brooding over the Chanel :storm:
  12. Is it possible the red dots are results of leather protection?
  13. Dear all, I went to the store and saw the red m/l reserved for me. It was a Gorgeous color. My mum said its v nice. Was really tempted, examined it and it's perfect until when I flipped it open and GOSH!!!! The wrinkles and creases appeared like the rails of the main train stations in Europe! Deep and lots of them and even the SA was shocked herself! There were no white spots and scratches but the creases!!!! I remember someone here returned her mini red? Exactly the same problem here in Singapore!
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    This is very disappointing from Chanel. I see more problems with the 12A red than any other color....seems few bags are acceptable. I received my jumbo in the very first batch of releases I believe. I had preordered from H and they were a few other pf'ers that did the same. It seems that perhaps the earlier lots of production were ok and subsequently, many problems are recurring such as these dots, etc.
    My jumbo wrinkles a bit when opened, but not to the extent I am seeing pictures of....I keep checking my jumbo for the defects as they are revealed here, but so far, thankfully it's passing my stringent tests of quality.
    It's very disheartening to read the disappointments of Chanel lovers. I hope Chanel headquarters is reading the forum and getting feedback! And I hope SA are taking the returns out of circulation and not just recycling them to new buyers compounding the problem.
    This is a picture of my jumbo with the flap completely lifted to its max for reference to others wondering how theirs compares.
  15. Same as my red 12A jumbo .. I bought it a month ago.. DH bought it for my birthday.. It's brand new, just came in to store. I been inspected and same with your bag. I has the crease when flap is open.. I think if anyone have defect on red bag should return it. You deserve better for 5K