I found it!

  1. I found my patchwork scarf! got it at the coach store on the other side of town...last one! sa was so rude! I told her everytime I buy something from the store they never ask for my name and why I never get a pce. she got rude and was like 'no I don't need your name and I don't know about pce I have to ask' well she never asked and didn't seem to thrilled to even be working...gees ill never go there again!
  2. Congrats :yahoo:

    Did you use a credit card? I usually buy Coach from Lord and Taylor, but I bought one from the coach store in September, and I got a PCE in december, all I did was buy my purse with a Credit Card.
  3. Pictures, please. We wanna see.
  4. Thats awsome!! WOOT!!:woohoo:
  5. I'm on my way back from mall now...ill post pics when I get home! I'm doing this from my phone...lol ill go thru tpf withdrawl if I'm not on here for more than 5 mins! lol
  6. sorry you were treated rude but congrats on finding the scarf! :yahoo: Post pics when you can! :tup:
  7. Wow find another store!!! Glad you got your scarf though.
  8. Sorry you were treated badly. :tdown:

    But can't wait to see pics!!!!!
  9. Congrat's...
  10. I'm glad you got it! Can't wait to see pictures. Grrr... I'm so mad at that SA. She was really mean. I had a mean one yesterday too. :p
  11. Sorry you got treated badly! But I want to see your new scarf!!
  12. If it is the current patchwork scarf, they are now at the outlets. I have one and it is a great addition to any bag. Congrats!!!
  13. I called the outlet, and they said thy didnt have them :0( It was only $38 anyway...
    Copy of DSC00007.JPG
  14. Congrats, love it!!!
  15. That is a really cute scarf. I have never seen that one. I love it!