I FOUND IT....(what to do???)

  1. Okay.... well I found the white east-west that I so covet. I have NOOOOO idea what to do. I promised DH that I would calm down after last week (3 bags) and this week (3 bags). I really want the white-east west (I don't know when I'd use it, but its soooo pretty) & I also want the PRADA Antic Cervo Hobo (this bag is GORGEOUS - I have it on hold).... I HAVE to make a CHOICE (:crybaby: ). This is killing me. I have no idea what to do.

    HELP ME!!!
  2. Okay, well I have no self control so I may be the wrong person to answer. I would get the bags, and then just try to stay clear of stores for awhile so you wont get tempted by touching and holding the purses.
  3. WOW...tough choice!!! But i'll have to agree with Michele...get 'em, and then be good for the next while!!
  4. OMG!!!! Well my DH got a call from our banker stating that his wife has gone crazy with wire-transfers for the first week of August spending over $30,000!!! I was so mad at the f:censor: banker!!

    So officially i'm not allowed to have a single transfer from our account till 1st of Sep.. thats 20days away :graucho:
  5. I'm sure white will be big again with the cruise collection. That said, if you've been dying to get it and can't wait or take the chance, then get it. I have the large classic in white and it is the perfect white. However, I also have the Prada Antic hobo in cacao (I posted pics of it & wearing it over in the Prada subforum) and the bag leather & color is TDF. If you are in love with that bag, I wouldn't chance letting it go because the Gauffe & Antic lines are hot this fall.
  6. Ooh tough! When I find myself in situations like these, where I know my BF would be seriously upset at me...I weigh the bag (which I may lose interest in/or know there will always be another) against having to live in his disapproval. Sometimes I can be so guilty of being selfish. (Just something that helps me get by those bag impulses)...Good luck!
  7. Geez, I'm not married but if I were, I would try to respect my DH, especially if he were the primary breadwinner in the family. So many women think it's their right to spend freely if their DH makes a huge salary, but expensive purchases should be discussed jointly IMO. Do you really NEED all these bags? I mean, do you have places to take them (a job, nights out?). I would seriously consider your lifestyle when you look at all your new conquests. Because I know for me, many of the bags I purchased over the past year have been conquests (from reading these forums and feeling I am entitled to them like everyone else), yet just sit around unused while I pursue the next conquest. I'm only policing myself, but realize this is not good behavior and needs to stop, so I've returned several bags and sold some too.
  8. Hmmm, as much as I love bags, I think you should discuss it with your DH, esp. if there's an income discrepancy between the two of you. DH and I both make a good living, and have both joint and separate accounts... he only approves of one new bag per season, so anything extra I take out of my own account. That might be an idea, esp if you want both.

    P.S. I'd go with the Chanel personally - I love the East/West... much more than Prada anyway :smile:
  9. Hm, lets see, Chanel or Prada, hmmm, CHANEL!!
  10. Hm, do we really need a job to have fancy bags? Or nights out? I have come to respect that some people like having them for the sake of HAVING them. While I may use them often, not everybody has to. Your "lifestyle" has nothing to do with whether you buy a bag or not. If it makes you HAPPY just OWNING it, then go for it.
  11. Very difficult, but if it's a bag you have been wanting for sometime and will probably not be able to get in the future, find a way of getting your BF around to supporting you..... I am sure he wants you to be happy.
  12. For me personally, it would only make me happy owning a collection of fancy bags if I could truly afford them all and it wasn't causing tension or discord with the significant person in my life. I wouldn't feel comfortable or good about myself if I disrespected his request to only spend a desired amount (which was significant and generous IMO). I was simply trying to point out that are these two new bags really necessary and worth blowing budget on (in her post, she specifically stated she didn't know when she woud use the east/west, which implied she was questioning her need for it), or is it more important to respect her DH's wishes and be happy with the status quo.
  13. PROBLEM SOLVED.. I am getting both - DH caved (I work.. he doesn't) and I said no more until next season - hahaha!!!
  14. Wow 3 bags last week and another 3 this weeks, you are so lucky, your DH is really really sweet.

    Perhaps you could try to imagine if you have to pick "one" bag to use "now" which one would you choose ( including the one you are considering ) If it turns out to be the new one you want it's absolutely that you will use it. ( then perhaps not using the others? perhaps you could return one of the 6 you just got to exchange, that way you are not buying new one but exchange)
  15. Yay you get to have both!!! Can't wait to see the pics!