I found it! My vintage mini classic flap from the 90s!

  1. A big sigh of relief! :tender:

    After 4 moves and losing various items over the years, I finally found my mini classic flap from the 90s in all its golden glory! I thought it was lost forever. :wtf:

    At that time I used it to death, I went clubbing with it every weekend, parties, weddings, you name it, it was there! With the long strap I wore it across my body or around my waist like a waist bag.

    I have fond memories of this little bag, of course I didn't keep the authenticity card but at that time Chanel did have the white dustbag with black CCs. The lambskin held up pretty well considering how much I abused it back then.

    I'm so happy to add this old friend to my collection! *doing happy dance*


  2. [​IMG]

  3. [​IMG]

  4. That is so cute, glad you found it!
  5. Wow - great bag it has aged so well!:smile:
  6. WOW!!!....SO CUTE...CONGRATZ!!:smile:
  7. congrats, lucky gal.
  8. How cute!
  9. Good things come in small packages...
  10. gorgeous..congratulations
  11. looks good..
    You ready to use her again ??
  12. Very cute! Glad you found it!
  13. Congrats!! She's so pretty and cute!

    Anyone know if it's still available anywhere?

  14. Congrats on finding her. She held up really well.
  15. aww Congrats on finding her! PLanning on using it anytime soon? :smile: