I found it in the street.. I swear!

  1. Ok girls, here's a fun thread,
    So it seems thanks to Atchung Balenciaga and eBay, I have bought 3 bbags and a coin purse this week.... and the problem I have - is what to tell the fiance??
    Don't get me wrong, he says it's my money to do with as I please; but I have gone a bit OTT (even for me) and we're supposed to be saving for our holiday which is in a week and a half :push:

    Obviously I want to give ALL these babies an outing or two but what excuses/reasons can I give for all these purchases??
    He knows they're not cheap bags as I have talked of buying a beauty for many a month now..... but he is a rather observant chap.
    Come on girls use your imagination - your reasons can be as wacky as you wish (or believable!)
    I need you help!:busted
  2. My sister (bff, cousin, mother, etc.) found it at a garage sale? In her closet? Under her bed? And lent it to me? Forever???? Or at least until I sell it to fund my next bbag purchase? :yes:
  3. U won them in a New Year`s lottery or quiz on The Purse Forum ? :yahoo:
  4. Tell him you got a great deal on a discontinued color?

    OT but your cat is ADORABLE!
  5. Err.... they are investments/collectors' items? So you just couldn't pass it up, you just couldn't!
  6. I'd say that there was a "two for one deal" :graucho:

    I WISH!!!
  7. I just need a sister now!! Or my mum to live slightly closer than 300 miles away.. Good thinking tho flipflop! You now see my problem? He he
  8. Thanks Brookelyn!! I love my little cat... shame he didn't stay little (he eats like a horse)
    I like the 2 for 1 idea fashion, he might believe it??
  9. Natalia - I LOVE the Purse Forum quiz and/or give away idea! We can all use it, plus it will partially justify how much time we spend at the forum!
  10. You simply got an amazing deal on eBay for one of them (seller needed $$ ASAP) and for another one, a local store had Fall colors (even if it isn't) marked down 30% and then 50% so you just had to buy it!
  11. I would say that I bought it off eBay for a GREAT price for one. The other two I would say that there was a fantastic sale where you bought one and got a discount -- combined with some gift cards and store credits you had, you were able to swing the third for really cheap. The beauty of this is that, he would never check on eBay for the price, you admit to purchasing one expensive purse but then the 3rd was such a deal because you found a way to bring the price down by being frugal.

    You may get pinged for the full price one but it takes his attention away from the other two. Believe me, I am a super slueth when it comes to sneaking in purchases!
  12. Have you done this before Clake?? lol:smartass: :roflmfao:
  13. You got them at the 'friends and families' discounted price on the Purse Forum!!!
  14. Fiance? Sweetie I say dont tell him anything...youre not married yet! ha.:graucho:

    Some things are just better left unsaid.
  15. I guess this will depend on if you use Ebay or not, but so far this is working for me in my attempt to sneak more purses into the house than my boyfriend can count. :graucho:

    I recently had a massive Ebay sale and sold a bunch of stuff in order to fund 2 bags I really wanted. Well, I somehow ended up with 3 and am currently working on #4. Poor BF can't keep up with what I've sold, and has no clue how much I made selling it. Although I promised I wouldn't spend beyond the $$$ I made...I have...and he probably won't realize that until we start working on funding some of our trips later this year. :push: By then it will be too late to take anything back. :jammin:

    I think we all have had to come up with creative ways to justify our Balenciaga addiction. I am sure someone on this forum will come up with the perfect excuse for you.

    By the way...your kitty is so cute!