I found her!! The elusive fuchsia Chanel heart chain tote!!

  1. Yayyy!!! *happy dances* :yahoo:

    Just wanted to share my new love with you ladies. :heart:

  2. wow!!!!!!!!! she's wonderfull!
  3. gorgeous!!!
  4. Very cool! :supacool: Congrats!
  5. lily - wow!!! thats super cute!!! :love: i totally love the chain!!! :wlae: congrats on your find!!! :yahoo: and thanks for sharing!!!
  6. Wow! I've never sene one like that before! Especially in that kind of pink! You're very lucky.
  7. i love it!!! its gorgeous!
  8. That is a really nice looking bag - love the chain. Congrats!
  9. WOW....WOW....WOW.... That bag is BEAUTIFUL!! I am in love!!
  10. Beautiful :heart: :tender:
  11. Super cute!!!
  12. Wow! The pink is beautiful....I love the chain!

    Enjoy your new precious! :love:
  13. OMGoodness! What a spectacular bag!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. wow I LOVEEEEEE this bag. everything about it is soo pretty! :girlsigh:
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