I found exactly what I wanted at an outlet that I didn't know existed.

  1. There are two outlet malls in Vegas and to my knowledge only one of them had a Coach Store. I discovered today that the other mall now has a Coach Store! It's been there about a year but the name isn't on the outside of the building yet! I didn't spot them on the website either! How weird hu.

    Anyway I decided to check it out and I struck gold. I don't have any "small bags" and I wanted something in leather that wasn't too heavy so I found the Small Bleecker Flap in Leather. I am loving my new Black Signature Ergo (it's perfect for me) and as I have been dying for something in brown I bought the Brown Signature one. I was so excited because I got it for $191.00!

    I have been wanting a Black Signature Stripe work tote and was shocked to find one at the outlet. It was the only one left and an additional 20% off so I snagged it and and am putting it away for when my back is better.

    The adorable bear pictured was 1/2 off and I am sending it to my best friend who has a son.

    I am done till my birthday ... which is next month ... ha ha. I suspect I will be getting some contributions to a new Ergo!
    Bleecker .jpg Brown Bag.jpg Owl.jpg Signature Stripe.jpg
  2. LOL, they've had two outlets for at least a couple years now. Which one did you "discover"? The newer mall off Charleston or the old one on LV Boulevard?
  3. Congrats on your purchase
  4. This one has only been there about a year (that's what they told me) and is in the Las Vegas Outlets which is on Las Vegas Blvd. By the airport. Are there three???
  5. Ooooo!!!! GREAT outlet finds!!!! I know that tote is still in the boutiques!
  6. It's been at least a year. We used to live in Vegas and visit at least a couple times a year so I've been to it quite a bit. The one in the older outlet mall (LV Blvd) gets overlooked a lot so you can really find awesome things there. No, there are only the two I know of unless you count the one at Primm.

    Congrats on your purchases! I'm so jealous I don't live anywhere near Coach. Well, it's probably for the best. ;)
  7. i love what you got!! i want one of each! ; P
  8. Oh now i understand what you mean about the name not being outside. You're talking about the outlet mall that used to be called Belz Factory. I still call it that haha. Well congrats on your purchases. I too also got great finds at the outlets in Vegas. I love it there!
  9. I love your finds! The gunmetal tote is totally calling for me... Out of curiosity, how much was it?
  10. Oh by the way, I also didn't know they had a coach outlet there until I found out by looking on the website Outlet Bound found in the Coach Shopping thread under "COACH OUTLETS! All you ever wanted to know & more!!"..So thanks to Purse forum i too would have not known.
  11. Great finds! How much were the small flaps retail when the price dropped in boutiques?

    I got two Bleecker hobos, Signature Khaki/Ebony ($87) and Leather British Tan ($107) at an outlet a week ago.
  12. The bag is $298 in the boutiques ... I paid $215. It's about 28% off!
  13. great deals!!! congrats on your purchases
  14. Wow!!! You hit the jackpot (no pun intented) I love all of your new goodies! Congrats
  15. Congrats on those great finds. How much was the bear?