I found Chanel too late! I wish I had bought more before these

  1. price increases. I look back on my little purchases in the last year and they seem like bargains now! I missed out on one more flap, though. Still don't have a black. Something about the increasing prices has me conflicted--hurry up and buy because they are appreciating, or be happy with what I have!
  2. I know I feel the same way PRESSURE!!! Should I or shouldn't I buy now...:confused1:
  3. should def buy now, if u can..
    ..u'll b happy u did in a couple of months ahead!
  4. Oh man I was just thinking about that this AM
    I cam carrying a chanel black suede classic flap that I bought in 2002.
    Its round shaped and now the boxy. At the time it came in black and brown only. I bought both but sent the brown back- it look just like the black..
    I bought the brown from the Saks in MD and had the Black sent from NY- and check this out- they were only $840.00. This same style is coming back and they have different leather now and WAY over $2k for the purchase.
    I always gets compliments when I carry the bag..
    I know its summer but it looks so good with my chanel dr scholls black suede clogs.. I even have the full clog that I wear in the fall with it..
    I got to post a pic of it. I left the camera home today..
    I can not believe I paid only $840.00- man thats a breeze compared to the 2500 plus I am spending now..
    The black wallet on a chain I bought I swear it was no more than 695.00 when I bought it in 2002- what are they now 1200 ??
  5. Isn't that crazy--and the thing is, they won't ever go back down, I'm sure.
  6. I totally agree. Earlier this year the jumbo flap was about 1650, now it's 2250, and now there's another price increase, this is so unfair.
  7. here is the picture of the suede flap i was talking about- the box just says classic flap- but its almost a pouch type purse...
    and here is my wallet on a chain.
    both of these have the classic chains in gold..
    The suede one looks just like the one somone posted in the shopping forum as one of the new fall bags..you can not see it in this picture but the CC's are embedded in the front part of the flap..
  8. Never-= plus Karl need the money to keep buying those THICH COLLARED TIES he wears. My neck itches from looking at him.
    that was meant to be such a joke !!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

  9. This is depressing, thinking should we load up now to save $ in the long run. I guess if u can lay it out now and u know 4 sure it is going up (which line that is) then do it. I am still looking for a bordeaux flap (jumbo). By the time I find one it too will be lots of moola...... :sad: Personally that is all I am "wanting" at the moment......
  10. I was actually pretty content with what I have especially after getting my the j12 at Saks. But yesterday for the very first time .... I got the see the bubble flap IRL @ Bloomies. It's such a wonderful bag .... I wish I had just a little more money to spend.
  11. I know--I was surprised at how much I really liked the bubble flap! My big regret is not getting a black flap.
  12. I am a voter of the bubble flap myself !!!
  13. Those that have the bubble flap, do u think it might "deflate" in the future. I have not seen it IRL, so have no idea how it feels, but it looks gorgeous. I should not even be asking this question, hehehe.... another tempting aquisiton I do not need :confused1:
  14. those of you that "found" chanel prior to the increase: lucky YOU! :tup:

    sadly, i will be paying more than i should...especially since we don't know when the increase will take in effect.

    i will be in germany for the month of october...maybe i will come home with a little treat...that is if the euro does not kill me first!
  15. I hate to feel pressure to buy before an increase, but I know that if I don't, I will only pay more money later. So if you can afford it, go for it. I have a red medium caviar flap with turn lock closure coming to me, I should have it by Monday. I wanted a blue fonce medium flap in caviar too, but can't find one. I can never find what I want before an increase!