I found chanel bag below $1,000

  1. Yeah, SA's in Antwerp called it Grand Cabas if I'm not mistaken. The color is black and the price in euro is 660, so in dollar around 976. I'll definitely buy this bag! If someone interested, I'll post the picture tomorrow. :tup: Anyone already own this bag?
  2. Oh yeah, it is new collection and $976 is the original price, not on sale.
  3. this is the bag that i'm talking about.
    grand cabas.jpg
  4. i found this picture from chanel reference library. so, what do you think? is it worth to buy this bag?
  5. cute for the gym or travel!
  6. love those gloves. the bag is nice. but looks like a pain to take care off and ever so slightly resembles a pillowcase.

  7. Nice bag.....Congrats!
  8. I think this is a new style from the sport line. In the us it is $995.

    I think it is nylon??
  9. Nice bag-great for the gym, the rain, the beach, if you have to carry alot to work or just if you're sporty in general. Great price too- congrats!
  10. Hard to believe that a nylon bag costs $995. But hey, in the Chanel world, I guess it's somewhat of a bargain!! :p I like the look of it...I would love to see photos of it when you get it, and also modeling pics, please!!
  11. It's looks trendy! Although, if you are paying close to 1K I think leather would be more worth it?
  12. I agree!
  13. I love the gloves but IMO it's not worth 1K for a vinyl bag.
  14. true. but which chanel leather bag will ever cost 1K?
  15. The timeless clutch is close.

    Honestly, I tend to just buy what I want from Chanel. I figure it is cheaper in the long run to buy what you love and use it often vs. buying something b/c it is cheap. If I did that, I would have quite a few bags that I was okay with and liked "enough" but nothing that I truly can't get enough of. JMHO.