I found and ordered what I wanted SIGHT UNSEEN. Watch them send the wrong one!!

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  1. So today I called the Barney's in Chicago on my lunch break and I asked if they had any Days or Briefs in the Steel with GGH. Okay first the guy had no idea what Steel was. I had to describe the color as a dark grey that looks black and sometimes blue. Then he knew exactly. No Days of course :sad: but then he went and found a Brief in that color combo. So for 5 minutes I kept asking him to check the card inside the bag to see if it says 2007 3 because this happened at another Barneys with the same bag, only it turned out to say 1 which meant it was Anthracite!!!! He had no clue what card I was talking about and then when he did find it, I was like giving him a lesson on what the numbers mean!!! Crazy!

    So anyway I ordered the bag and the guy swears that it's the "new grey" he called it :nogood: These SA's!!!! And he said it JUST came in on Monday.

    But of course I am expecting to open the box and find Anthracite or Ocean or who knows, maybe even BLACK! I guess I gotta wait 3-5 business days.

    Do you think he sent me the right bag!?!? I mean why on earth would an old Spring color just come in this past Monday...right? :confused1:
  2. I give it a 75% chance of being the right color. ;)
  3. LOL!! Good Luck!
    I am going to Barney's in Chicago tomorrow, I hope they have lots of new stock!!!
  4. Queenvictoria2 please report back what you see at Barneys ( days with GSH;)). I am going there on the 25th - Yeah!!!!!!- can't wait! I love Chicago!!!!!!!! Starbrite310 I sure hope you get the bag you ordered:tup:. Be sure to post pictures!!!! Dawnette at Barneys in Chicago has been helpful for me:tup:
  5. Lol, I know what you mean.

    When I was in Barney's NY Madison, the SA showed me all the firsts they have. So I was like - "oh this steel is pretty". He was like - "no, its black". Then I told him to compare it with the black. He was like - "nah, its black but different leather". I didn't dare to argue because I have a feeling its going nowhere. :rolleyes:
  6. I'd guess that you'll most likely get sent the correct bag :yes:

    I don't think he could confused 'new grey' with Anthra.. and I don't think he could confused grey with black...and definitely not Ocean lol
  7. This seems to be a problem in department stores. I mentioned in another thread that I had the same problem at my local Saks. I know that for example, Chanel employs their own people to work at the department stores, hence they're knowledgeable of the brand, for Balenciaga though, the SA's work for the department store, so unless they're Balenciaga enthusiast, the colors the have are: black, red and blue, not antracite, vermillion, and ocean or aquamarine. :rolleyes:
  8. ^this is so true. i was looking for a twiggy at neiman marcus and i asked what they had available. the salelady told me "red". i asked what color red and she said "dark". after i asked about the specific names, she had no idea what I was talking about. I decided to stick to BalNY or diabro.net for my purchases after that horrible conversation that got nowhere.
  9. I would give it a 50% chance you will get the bag you want!! Same experiences here. They don't know colors, seasons, leathers, etc. Some Neimans get the Day and Hobo mixed up. They call the Day the larger HOBO???? It can get very frustrating dealing with dept. stores, even the high end ones. It really is easiest at Bal NY where they know their stuff!
    I've never ordered from AH, but tpfers seem to really like them. I may try them sometime.
  10. How does he even know when it came in? I give it a 95% chance of being black. ;)
  11. I'll be excited to see what color you actually receive. I really hate having to buy bags sight unseen - it's almost like gambling. Good luck!

  12. Well he went and double checked with a manager and they said the bag just came in on Monday. He kept saying it had blue undertones so I doubt it will be Black but we'll see!!!! :sweatdrop:
  13. It's hard not to get frustrated with that kind of thing... I know that it's not possible in a really big department store to know everything about every bag you carry. I know this! But it's still really difficult when you're trying to pick out the right bag over the phone.

    Of course, Balenciaga could make it a lot easier on everybody and put the colour name on the paper tag or something! Just think how much pain and suffering that would eliminate for the SAs and us both!
  14. Also, that's another reason I love Aloha Rag - they really know what they're doing where Bbags are concerned! I would never worry about getting the wrong bag from them.
  15. Oh how I feel your pain!!

    It's like the Mystery Package, LOL

    All snickering at SAs aside, it does sound like he found the right one - fingers crossed for you :tup: