I found an Olsen Tote...but am on the fence on the color

  1. I had been looking for this tote for a while with no luck, but finally found one in black and tan. I am thrilled that I finally have it:yahoo:. It has the softest most beautiful slouchy leather and the handles are TDF. It also holds everything I need it to, but...I am really on the fence about the color. Does it look odd having the beige colored stripes and handles? I've haven't seen many other Chanels with the same type of two-tone leather and I'm not sure if that makes them rare or if it's because they don't look good!

    I'd love your thoughts because I'm getting married in 2 weeks and am trying really hard just to have essentials and bags that I really love in my closet (more for my fiance then me-he gives me the hardest time about purses and his financial situation doesn't allow for luxury items). My mom loves it, but I can't decide if I agree with her that the bag stands out in a good way or if it just looks silly. :shrugs:

    I posted some modeling pics- the white stuff is from my mirror (sorry) it's not on the bag. My fiance would laugh at me if I asked him to take pics to ask for people's opinions...men!
    erin's stuff 045.jpg erin's stuff 046.jpg erin's stuff 057.jpg
  2. oooh me likey! congratulations on such a great find!
  3. I love it, where did you find it?
  4. i really like it!
  5. I really love it. I don't think it looks silly at all. Congrats on your great buy.
  6. I really love it, congrats
  7. i like it. it looks good on you. However, i love the one tone, all black instead. the choice is up to you. GL!
  8. I found it on eBay and the seller let me do a buy it now. I was really happy when I got it because I wasn't sure of its condition and what it would come with. I had only seen it modeled in black so I wasn't sure exactly how it was going to look.

    Thanks for all the nice comments, I'm glad that so many people like it. It won't hurt my feeling if someone doesn't like it though, I'd appreciate any opinions-really.
  9. I think it looks great, as a bag and on you! My only concern would be the light leather on the handles (b/c of the potential to get dirty). I would keep it until you find a "replacement" (i.e. all black) for it. It is hard to find those totes!!

    BTW, do you find it in Houston or on eBay?? I am curious b/c I am in Houston and will try to find one at whatever store you went to!! ;)
  10. sorry, posted before I saw your reply!
  11. I personally love it. I am watching a turquoise one on eBay right now but really prefer the color you have because it seems more versatile. I was wondering what happened to that bag on ebay! How nice that the seller let you do a BIN. May I ask what you paid, or if you prefer, PM me with the price. I am trying to decide what amount to bid on the turquoise (if I decide to bid at all..). The seller currently has 154 watchers on her bag so I'm sure it will bid way up toward the very end.
  12. It's a nice bag but I find that when I talk myself into keeping an item or didn't love it from first sight I usualy end up regretting the purchase later and getting rid of it later. Keep in mind that it's REALLY hard to re-sell a bag for what you paid for it...so if you don't love it maybe you should pass on it and keep looking.......
  13. i actually really love it!!! great find!! but whats important is whether u love it or not!
  14. It's gorgious! So no need to worry about the two tone color...
  15. I personally really like it, its just that bit more unusual. Yes, you will have to be abit more careful with the corners etc, and popping her down as she has some light colouring, but I do that even with my black ones, so I think you should rejoice that you found a rare bag and enjoy using it :smile: