I found an illuminator that you might like

  1. I was checking out my monthly subscription to Cosmo and saw this illuminator and powder that was in there by Clinique. I am 100% a MAC girl but I thought, let me just check it out. I ended up buying this stuff and it's totally awesome. I thought I'd post this for you ladies who might be wanting some extra color for the warmer months. The powder is cool but the liquid is the best.

    You can purchase both of them by going to www.Clinique.Com
    clq_6L1X_250.jpg clq_6L2701_250.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting that. I am starting to get into liquid foundations, I have to get it.
  3. Oooh! I have that powder in Posy, and it is fab! I too am a MAC devotee, but Clinique's powder (plus, they had their GWP at the time) is fantastic!!
  4. this illuminator basically goes on the cheekbones and nose area after you put on your foundation. you can use it on other areas of your body as well. If you use it alone, that'd probably work too. It's just cool :yes: