I found an awesome new hair stylist!!

  1. Hello all!

    A few days ago I posted in the BEAUTY thread looking for a good stylist around the Orange County area...

    Well, thank goodness for that thread because thats where I found my new hair stylist!!!!

    She's a member of this forum and her name is JENARAE! :yahoo:

    If anyone is in need of an awesome new hair stylist...she's located in Anahiem/OC! :wlae:

    Here are some pics of my new do! :biggrin:
    Sorry, ignore the white box over my darn eyes. lol :sweatdrop:



  2. You look adorable. :smile:

  3. Thank you! :sweatdrop::p
  4. Looks great! Props to Jenarae!!
  5. Looks great. I love the coloring too.
  6. Awhhh yay!

    Just so everyone knows...THU IS AWESOME!

    And im really glad you liked your hair love!

    K.I.T :love:
  7. It looks so great! You are so lucky to have found such a nice stylist
    enjoy it!!
  8. :d
  9. OMG I love it!! Wow!! :nuts:

    Thats a really great pop of colour. And cut, too! I'm impressed! :nuts:
  10. Hey you look great! I myself here need to find a new stylist in the Bay Area too...:crybaby:
  11. The cut is great..I love the whole look! Stunning!