i found an 04 turquoise twiggy today!

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  1. at a consignment shop and its in pretty good shape and a very very attractive price.

    the leather is amazing and the handles are softened, but not overly dirty. she is going to clean up nicely!

    i will post some pics before and after i clean her up. it was such a good deal i could not resist and it will be a good cleaning practice bag!

    so pretty!
  2. can't wait to see pics.
  3. Hey- congrats!! Wished I lived in a big big city to have access to consignment shops! You are one lucky gal!
  4. OMG...kill me know that is like my HG bag!!! I can't wait to see pics!
  5. get out ! really!!

    wow.. i saw it yesterday afternoon, and did not get it. then i woke up this morning and went right back,thinking,,, what am i crazy? i have to go get it. so i grabbed it today... i never had a twiggy... it needs a little cleaning, not much tho.. its really super pretty. i just love the variation and dept of the color.. the new bags appear very flat to me...or monochromatic somehow.

  6. I love the twiggy...my favorite style. And the '04 turquoise is just gorgeous!!! I really can't wait to see pics :smile: You lucky lucky girl!!!!
  7. Can't wait to see pics!! It'd be a dream to find a good condition bbag in a consignment shop!
  8. wow! lucky find, pics please!
  9. great find!!! can't wait to see pics of the beauty!!
  10. Cant wait to see pic!
  11. ^^ yippy, congrats sweetie!!! :wlae:
  12. A before and after pic would be nice. I just received some Appleguard today and am so nervous to put it on my new bag. I'm sure yours will be just gorgoeous, though. Can't wait to see it!
  13. congrats you lucky girl! can't wait to see pics! post them!! :P:heart:
  14. holy moly! thats awesome. that is also my HG bag.... I got sick of waiting around and pre-ordered the new turq. twiggy but i know it won't compare! Can't wait to see pictures!!!
  15. toni, can't wait to see you work your magic on that twiggy!! (I still remember how you restored your black city!)