I Found a S/S 2008 Bag I Just LOVE!!

  1. I was at Nordstroms this afternoon and found a S/S bag that I just absolutely love and HAVE to have!!! It's called the "Gray" - they had it in Black and Raspberry. The strap is actually longer so it can be worn cross-body (which I'm not a fan of), but the Black bag was shown with the strap doubled up for a shorter hang, like below (which was PERFECT!!). It's made from the same soft leather as the Mixed Quilt Line & has two (maybe even three) sections. It's a little bit smaller bag, but not too small (I'd say mid-size). It's longer/shorter than most MJ hobos/shoulder bags - the best part??? It's only $850!!!!

    Yes - Oh, yes - THAT's my next MJ bag!!!

    Here it is in TANGARINE (which I'm NOT a fan of). It's actually hard to get a good idea of the style from this pic
  2. I tried it on at Nordies, its super comfy to wear and very light
  3. Nice! What color are you thinking of?
  4. Was the raspberry as nice in person? I saw this at shoptwigs.com and it seems really pretty! What color would you want to get?
  5. I'd love to see what other colors its available in - I might just get the black, unless it comes in a shade of grey or blue, then probably one of those. I'll have to call my SA at the Michigan Ave Nordstroms to find out what other colors are available
  6. Nice bag. I kind of like the Tangerine!
  7. Nice bag, I really like the tangerine! Yummy looking.
  8. They have these online at shoptwigs.com, love em as well!
  9. oo its cute! the raspberry one sounds divine.
  10. Yummy, raspberry with GW, how pretty.
  11. Here are a couple of pics of this bag from ShopTwigs:



    Clementine (which so far, is my favorite!)

  12. I LOVE both! How could I choose between those?? I am so happy they don't have it in yellow or I really would be screwed.
  13. Oooh the bag's so pretty! I'm liking the raspberry one!
  14. Very cute! :smile:
  15. they also had it in Black, which I can't find a pic of
    so far it's available in Tangerine (according to MJ site), Raspberry, Clementine & Black - - I'm hoping it also comes in the Inidgo or Midnight

    (the Palais Royal Jackie comes in Midnight & that's made w/the same type of leather - I still might get this bag tho -- it is my namesake after all!!)

    (here's a pic of the Royal Jackie bag in Midnight - I luv the color and the leather!!