I found a real treasure of a bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I always thougt that the caramel was my holy grail, but now i found my true love.:heart:
    Do U girls and gals remember this auction a week ago.
    Everybody says what a bad fake and a new seller its a little fishy, now that was everything but the true. The seller is very nice and helpfull and this bag is a very special one. :tup:This seller had a lot of bags old collection/colours but new maybe use a few times.
    Very clean no damage bright and clean handles. And he is honest about what he is selling. I told everybody i would go and look at the bags. And i did yesterday and i had to buy this very beautifull authentic mastic weekender 2003-1 with silver hardware. It was love at first site, what a great bag i keep on feeling the leather and smelling and i almost want to taste an bite it. Its so nice i have seen a lot of B-bags, but this one is truely very special.:drool:
    He has a lot of bags that i did admire but U al know i am a B-bagboy with a little admiration for Hermes. He did also had a khakigreen 2004 weekender and a chocolat weekender 2005 z label. He also has beautyfull eveningclutches of Fendi with some fur and phythonleather and Louis Vuiton specials and a big bunch of Marc Jacobs bags. Some of them where compleet new.
    I have made some pics that i wil try to ad here.
    And my special thanks for my BELLA FIORA for helping me with this bag, we both knew it was authentic and great, she helped me with pics of the mastic2003-1 she owns.
    From now on we are Bag brother and Bag sister.:heart:

    Photo-0131.jpg Photo-0133.jpg Photo-0132.jpg Photo-0139.jpg Photo-0135.jpg
  2. some more pics.
    Photo-0134.jpg Photo-0137.jpg Photo-0135.jpg
  3. What a nice story! The WE is beautiful, congrats, fx!
  4. great story and a happy ending too!! you are lucky you got to actually go SEE the bag first!! i remember this WE came up in the authenticate this thread - i don't know anything about WE's!! - i'm glad it turned out to be real and gorgeous!! does the seller only have WE's???? would love to have a peek at any older bags - does the seller speak/read english?? i def don't speak Dutch!

    enjoy your gorgeous WE - it is beautiful
  5. WOW an almost mint '03 Mastic, what a score! Congratulations!!! Who said it was fake? I'm no expert, but I do have quite a bit of experience in Balenciaga's old and new,and everything in the pictures of the auction look authentic to me, nothing to make me suspicious of this one except low seller feedback. That said, not all people sell a lot or buy a lot on eBay. I got 2 fakes 3 years ago and both sellers had well over a thousand feedback, very few negatives and were long time power sellers. Go figure!
    Anyway, congratulations on a great find and how nice that a fellow PF'er helped you get it. Bella found my '05 BG when it listed on eBay and sent me the link and it was indeed a mint BG City and I love it!!
    Bella, if you see this, would love to see pics of your Mastic.:graucho:
  6. Congratulations on a great find and how sweet for Bella to help you out.
  7. total score, congrats!
  8. FX, I LOVE your bag! The mastic 03 is the most incredible leather, and you have a huge mass of that gorgeous leather now!!!! Woweeeee! I'm so happy for you. I did e-mail the seller about the weekender, and decided at the last minute that to buy another weekender was just silly for me - I would not use that size that much - I also have an 03 mastic messenger/hobo (I can't recall the exact name), and it truly is the most incredible leather on ANY Balenciaga that I own. I am so HAPPY for you - you are always so sweet to everyone, and this bag is just perfect for you!!!!!!!
  9. that's so great! thanks for sharing your wonderful find!
  10. Congrats!@!
  11. Congrats - thats a gorgeous bag!
  12. fx.........:tender: I cannot even express how happy I am that you are the new proud owner of this one of a kind 100% Authentic GORGEOUS 03 Mastic Weekender. You are so sweet and so kind and it's really done my heart good to have helped you.....to confirm what you already knew, really. Things really worked out the way they should have, popped in that day for good reason, I guess.

    I must say this can only be a reminder to everyone here, that while everyone does their best to authenticate bags....one's opinion is always one's best educated opinion. This is always something to consider when in the "authenticate this" thread. As much as we don't want anyone buying a fake bag, just the same we cannot appreciate authentic bags being concluded as positively fake. Mistakes happen, but I'm so happy this one worked out in the end. I only have the best of intentions here.
  13. Wow fx!!!! What a great and rare find! Congrats on your new and gorgeous Weekender.....enjoy!!!!:heart:
  14. Isn't it incredible! The bag is mint too!

    I pmed the OP to ask for more/better pics. I told him this bag deserves it! lol He's going to post more tomorrow. He also said I could post some pics, more the merrier so I will.:yes:
  15. you have the eye lovely! You are so right about the leather. That's what I told fx, the leather is out of this world, incredible, in a league of it's own. The quality of the bag itself.... I told him he MUST see it!:nuts:

    I know you must understand how happy I am you decided against it...... because you are right the OP is the sweetest person and I just couldn't be happier for him. :upsidedown: