I found a pair of Sunnies at the mall...

  1. Yesterday while I was accompanying my friend to her nth time of shopping and returning stuff, I found a bag from Nordstrom's containing a newly purchased CHANEL sunnies!!! Gosh, I couldn't believe my luck. I was so happy and it seemed funny that I just started my phase with CHANEL and here's a gift from Coco herself. After the initial excitement had passed, I began to think to myself that keeping this is just wrong. The moment of weakness was excusable but for it to be in my possession still was just not right. I decided to exert everything in my power to return it to the rightful owner. I think that God was on my side because the first phone call I made, I acquired the purchaser's contact info and called her right away. She was ecstatic on the phone and we decided to set-up a time to meet. She met me with all her kids in her SUV and was profusely grateful. The funny thing was that as I walked away from them, I suddenly heard a burst of applause from her little ones. I hope that it served as a good example to them that there are still people out there who are true and honest and that are still TRYING to live the Spirit of Christmas. Just wanted to share. :angel:
  2. kudos to you..
    You will have a wonderful Christmas because of your gracious act...I am sure of it..
    I always think to myself, what if they shoe were on the other foot....
  3. Awwwww, what a wonderful story! I'm so happy that you found the owner of the sunnies! I'm sure good karma will be returned to you 10x.

    This reminds me of a little incident over the summer. I went to a wedding at this hotel near Disney, and when we left around midnight, I tripped over this huge wallet in the parking lot. It had cash, credit cards, college student id, everything but the owner's phone number! We thought about going to the police with it, but started to try calling her emergency contacts on a card in her wallet. After about 4 calls and vmails, I got her Mom on the phone! By then, we had already started to drive home. Her Mom put the girl on the phone, and it turned out she was leaving for college early the next morning, and would need her ID! So we turned the car around and drove it to the hotel where they were staying at, and the girl was soooo happy she offered us $50 finder's fee. LOL. Said her Dad told her to give it to us as a thank you. Because without her driver's lic and id, she couldn't even fly out the next morning. I always feel so proud of myself for making the effort that turned out to help someone like that. Much better than just turning it in at a police station.

    Happy holidays!
  4. Awww... these stories really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm honored to be on a board with such stellar human beings! Happy holidays!
  5. Bless you,bless you, bless you. You are both an inspiration to us all. May your good works come back tenfold. And maybe a drop dead sale price on a Chanel,too:heart::yes:
  6. OMG! I had to re-read the beginning 2 or 3 times thinking to myself "no he di'int!!!!!"
    WHEW! LOL!
    Good job sending those back to the rightful owner, I've never lost a pair of sunnies but would just die if I lost a pair of my beloved Chanels!
  7. Thanks for sharing with us and congrats on such a deed!What her children learned by your act cannot be learnt in any class!:tup::yes:
    Have A wonderful Christmas!:flowers:
  8. What comes around goes around , good for those who find and return to the owner, or try to.

    Something good will come your way!:yes::tup:
  9. You did a good thing!
  10. it was such a warm and fuzzy story!
    good karma will definately come your way!
  11. awww you did a great thing!!! Most people would not do what you did!
  12. Thank you for doing the right thing. I had my prada bag stolen on my way out of the country and with it lost my passport, LV wallet, ipod, cash, digicam, and plane tickets. And all because someone made the wrong decision in one second of weakness. The material things i didn't cry over, but losing my passport and other forms of identification led to a series of problems way beyond monetary loss. If only the person who took my bag had just dumped my passport it would have saved my anniversary trip to Africa. Anyway long story short, I have been on the other side of loss so I know how the person must have felt when she thought she lost her sunnies and then re-found them. I am sure she felt even better getting them from you than when she originally bought them. So you did the absolute right thing and should be commended!!
  13. That is so nice that you returned everyhting
  14. you did the right thing~~
    and you are SO awesome!!!!!
  15. What a wonderful act of kindness!! Surely good things will come your way.