I Found a New Method to Handle a Giant Wishlist

  1. Soooo as some of you know...I have a ginormous wishlist that can be somewhat overwhelming at times. There is a good mix of accessories, permanent bags, limited bags, older LE items. Sooooo...to tackle this new this I've made a PLAN!

    The plan goes like this:

    - I break the year into 3 month intervals
    - For each 3 month interval I plan what I will buy taking into consideration limited edition releases for that time period
    - I try to include the following in each three month period:
    1 permanent accessory (could be a bandeau, keychain, etc.),
    1 discontinued accessory
    1 limited edition bag (current or past...so if nothing current comes out during that 3 month period I can pick up something from prior years)
    1 permanent bag

    So the grand total dollar wise is not enough to kill my hubby ....and it keeps me focused. And if I don't buy it all at once then it keeps LV flowing in and my addiction satisfied!
    For example, for some reason right now people on eBay are selling Inclusion keychains for really cheap...but those aren't on my list until later this year. SO I stay strong and focused!!!! No deviating from the list!

    Oh...and on birthday/Christmas months....I factor in 1 more item for 'gifts'!

    I hope this maybe helps some others who are overwhelmed by their list (I know I was)!

    or maybe you have a different strategy you can share?
  2. My plan is spend every paycheck!!! Im joking kinda, sounds like you have a great plan.
  3. my plan is much simpler........win the lottery....LMAO
  4. oohhhh the lottery is much simpler!!! Damn powerball!
  5. Naomi - you are super organised !! I have never known anyone so organised and that is a massive compliment!

    I totally agree with the one bag at a time mentally - makes it seem more reachable somehow!;)
  6. My plan is to buy a maximum of one bag and five accessories per year.
  7. but could you not just switch the item you have planned for now with the inclusion especially if they are going super cheap when you get to them on your plan they may be $$$$ again.

    And what happens if a totally rare bag comes up or a discontinued bag at a super great price but it's not on your list until ages later??
  8. ^ i'll be very tempted to get the dc items when i see it :sweatdrop:.

    for me i analyse my wishlist in excel file and force myself to stay realistic on only buying bags that i'll use and fit my lifestyle.
  9. that's a good plan! but I'm always tempted by a good deal...in general, I just try to restrict myself to the wishlist, even if I see some other awesome bag on eBay @ a good price...but your method is awesome for the preservation of sanity! I try to keep my wishlist really short and realistic because I know otherwise I would just get overwhelmed!
  10. My plan is buy what I want when I see it. I don't have patience to wait.

    I think your plan sounds doable if you really stick to it. Good Luck!
  11. I only dream to be as organized as you! I have very little willpower, so my plan is to stay away from the boutique until I have the cash. But I like your idea better. I love how you have bags and accessories coming on a steady flow. Very well thought out.
  12. Twiggers, you always have the best threads!!! Keep 'em coming! So, I really like your plan....3 month intervals...hmmmm. It just might work!!! :smile:
  13. LOL Thanks all! I'm trying to be strong LOL

    Claire: I know what you mean...but what I do is cancel my favorite searches for bags that are not currently on my 3-mo plan...and I stay away from eBay! however....I still do surf LT...so that could get me into trouble.

    I just found though that I would see a good deal and buy it...and regret it later...My feeling is that if it was on ebay once for that price...it'll come again!
  14. Hhmmm.... I just checked my purchases last year until today and realized that I should cut back a little and probably make up a plan just like yours. Great idea, twiggers! :tup:
  15. It really does help to keep things organized...I mean I still have bags on my list from a year ago...mostly because I got sidetracked!