I found a new (for me anyways) way to clean

  1. dirty handles on my bags!!! Armorall leather wipes, Oil of Olay face wipes and Pampers baby wipes!!!:yes: I kid you not, WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!:jammin:
  2. Oh wow! So do you use all 3 one after the other? Cool!
  3. Oh interesting !

    Are the bags that you're cleaning already patina-ed ? There's some that I'd like to clean but the colour is so light that I'm scared anything wet will leave a mark.
  4. I tried all three on my Cerises speedy handles because they were REALLY DIRTY!!!:wtf: I used oil of olay first, then baby wipes and then armorall wipes! I should have taken before and after pics!!!
  5. Irene do you have any before & after pics ?? If so can you post ...........PLEASE
  6. we were typing at the same time LOL
  7. Ayla, the bag I used it on is a year old bag with a light to medium patina but mostly dirt. I did it in stages, letting the handles dry between each application.
  8. :idea: Thank you for the tip. I will keep this mind when I need to clean my handles.
  9. Let me see if I can dig up some older pics of the bag vs what it looks like now. BRB.:smile:
  10. Interesting, thanks for sharing..
    I suppose it makes sense considering the wipes clean off the dirt from skin/face.
  11. OMGosh cant wait to see them.
    You're a brave gal Irene.
  12. I used magic eraser on my MC speedy and now the handle are mad dry
  13. for my handles and straps, i just use a white eraser and it works like magic, they are clean. also i am using this japanese leather cleaner, and it cleans off dirt on the the piping of the bags. maybe next time i will try using babywipes. is there alcohol in the oil of olay wipes?
  14. Great Idea. I'm gonna try it when I get home.:yes:
  15. The handles were so dirty I couldn't do any more damage to them even if I tired! Plus, I picked the leather/skin products that I use all the time on myself!:lol: I even tried Clinique facial cleanser!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: But it didn't do anything.:huh: Here is a pic of what the handles look like now. I am still searching my computer for the "before" shot!
    EDIT: I don't know why this pic came out all weird! I am going to retake it!