I found a Leopard Polly!!!! And they said it was impossible

  1. After searching and searching and being told by the 1866 number and my local Louis Vuitton boutique that the Polly is all sold out, and the wait list is closed ....I found one.

    I was persistent and now my Polly is on its way to me. :P

    Its funny because I was basically told by an LV rep on the phone that I should basically give up because this bag is so popular and the waitlist is much longer than the number of bags that they will make

    Well I found one and now after all that I hope to goodness that I love it in person. I really do ;)

    The store that I found it at sent it overnight so I should hopefully receive it tomorrow. I will take pics when it comes.:graucho:

    After this my dear PF'ers I think I must stop. I will be on a self imposed purse ban. I really wanted to get a Damier Azur Cabas Plage when it comes out but I think I need to just chill out for a while. i have tons of new great bags and I need to just enjoy them. And get rid of the ones that I don't use. KWIM?
  2. Wow, what store finally had the Polly? Congratulations!
  3. wow congratulations. that's awesome. please post pics.
  4. Oooh...POLLY!
  5. Congratulations!!
    and it's a good thing you found the Polly because I will take down anybody who comes between me & my Plage!!! :biguns:
  6. Congrats:wlae:
  7. There is a Polly in the backroom at SCP, a newbie SA let it slip.
  8. omg! the polly!! wow! congrats!
  9. it was meant to be yours ;)
  10. *Ahem*
    Some of us are dying to see this amazing bag.......
    I want to see the interior, I have been wondering how it looks.
    You are the only lucky one I've seen with Polly [sorry if I missed another members post] & we must live vicariously through you. Please, pretty please..

    Wait I remember a lucky gal who got it early, I think I blocked that out due to jealousy & envy of her sweet hubby. :shame:
  11. You go girl..POST pics asap..Im DYING to see it!
  12. Congra'ts cant wait to see the new bag:smile:
  13. Persistence always pays off! Congrats! :yes:
  14. Wow! Congratulations!
  15. Congratulations!!! Please post pics...can't wait to see it!!