I found a kelly for you.

  1. Hello, I am new to this forum. However, I am interested in aquiring a bag at a great price . So I have been searching the web for antique stores. I will get a hermes bag by the following way. I will be patience, So someone will give to me or I will trust God to find the real thing at a reasonable price.

    I am planting a seed what you will make happen for other it will happen for you. So the name of the antique store is Antiques on Bardwell located in Belchertown mass 413-389-1936 website: antiquesonbardwell.com. or contact tgosseline@aol.com
    hermes kelly 28cm black for 2450.00.

    I would purchase it for nyself, however I am trusting Fod today to secure a great job in the financial industry in Chicago IL. A career that pays a salary of 100,000 a year to support my mother and my family.
  2. Hello, i am new to this forume. I am interested in aquiring a hermes bag too. So, I started resraching looking for antique stores on the web. This is what the professionasl do.The fashion editors for the media . They always have the hookup. I will get an Hermes bag. Iam going to be patient. and trust God to provide one for me.So sone is going to give me a great one.
    I am plainting aseed what you make happen for others' it will happen for you.
    I foudn a hermes kelly 2m in black box at the following website: antquesonbardwell.com , located in Belchtown Mass. (413)289-1936 tgosseline@aol.com. The asking price is 2450.00.

    I would purchase it for myself , however i am in the positionof securing employment in the finacial industry in Chicago,Il. for a salary of over 100,000.
    I really need a weel paying job to provide for my family and my mother. So righ now I am on a tight budget.
    However, i would recieve it as a gift.

    have a great day
  3. Antiques on Bardwell
    Timothy Gosselin
    Belchertown Mass.
  4. thanks dentalfloss -- sweet of you to let others know about what you can't get yourself right now.

    here's the link to the bag for anyone who is interested:
    Hermes Kelly Bag 28 cm - Wonderful
  5. thats a nice bag..
  6. If only this were a 32cm. What a beautiful bag.
  7. It looks to be in a pretty good shape, but for 28cm Box Calf, I prefer sellier.
  8. It is a nice bag, but seller will not accept PayPal "for this item." Without knowing anything about the seller I'm not willing to pay by check or money order...
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