I found a great Italian designer. Has any one else heard of or own one of his bags

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  1. I'd never heard of them before. the angesl are cuite but the designs are so-so
  2. Yes, it's very well known here in Italy. I don't have any of their bags, so I can't say anything about the leather, but their price is mid-range, so i assume the bags must be of good quality
  3. Designs are ok but they don't grab me...maybe the equivalent of Coach bags?
  4. ^ That's exactly what I was thinking! :yes:

    The only one I quite like the look of is a fur one, but I suspect it may be real, in which case I obviously wouldn't be interested.
  5. I am a HUGE fan of Piero Guidi.
    I LOVE his magic circus line and am currently sporting the magic circus tote in camel, and I am currently thinking about getting something from the Linea Bold line.
    The quality is fantastic and the bags last forever.
    I highly recommend them!
  6. How do you buy them? I don't see any on-line shopping. Maybe I missed something??
  7. I bought mine thru a store in Kansas City, Missouri called Trapp & Associates. You just tell them the code # of the item you want off the website and you order it from them. The bags generally run around $320-$420 dollars USD.
    Also, I know there is a vendor named Ana Molino Lof who sells Piero Guidi. I have not gone thru her, so I'm not sure about the authenticity.
  8. OOPS!
    Sorry, it's called Trapp & Company, NOT Trapp & Associates.
    Anyway, here's the website where I purchased my Piero Guidi.
    Kansas City gifts, gift shop
    I live in Vancouver where it's really rainy.
    This bag has been in the rain millions of times and it looks like I just bought it last week.
    I love it!
  9. I was also looking for someone who sold them thanks!
  10. An excellent designer, but not big in the States...
  11. Thank you Daniela7474! I also love the Piero Guidi Magic Circus label and can't seem to find any wallets. I called Trapp and Company and they were very helpful. Thanks again!
  12. Tell me about their leathers.... quality, feel, smell, etc?
  13. I just found this trhread...I have 2 bags in magic circus. Quality of the bags is great. I have them 3 years now, and they still looks like new! I just bought jacket of Piero Guidi, and I love it!
    He is verry well known in wholw Europe.
  14. I've never heard about this brand, but found their bags are very interesting.