I found a good vachetta cleaner (might be just UK)

  1. preliminary lesson: never use baby wipes with alcohol

    I use my azur pochette as a cosmentic bag, and the strap was getting a litle grubby from being handled all the time. So I baby wiped occasionaly it with some wipes I already had. I didn't bother to check the ingredients because it was just the odd wipe. Wrong! the vachetta began to dry out and crack a little. :push:

    On sunday, I decided to tan it on the window sill and then I remembered that I had some leather cream for shoes and bags. I decided to give it a try seeing as it couldn't be worse than babywiping with alcohol :sweatdrop:. So I applied some with a soft cloth and it cleaned it up a bit more, and brought back that velvety vachetta texture.

    I don't plan to use it often, but it's probably worth considering for the occasional touch-up. You can get it in Tesco

  2. Thanks for that. I'll definitely keep it in mind, if not go and buy some tomorrow (weekly shop in tesco, lol).
  3. Oooo thanks for sharing, i will try this one day :flowers:
  4. thats for letting us know. my speedy handles are a mess right now.

    if your using baby wipes iv found that simple are the best.