I found a fake bag at Loehmann's!!!!

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  1. This is really bugging me....

    I was at my local Loehmann's store today, on the UWS in NYC and found a fake Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag. They did have a shipment about a week ago, but I didn't remember seeing this size\color. I started examining it to possibly purchase and sure enough it was a fake! It didn't have the interior plastic tag w\ the bag's info and where it's made... the stitching was all wrong... didn't have the heat stamp on the back side of the bag.... and it had a really off looking card inside.

    I asked to speak with a manager and even showed him the inside tag of the bag I was carrying to prove it was fake. Much to my surprise, he didn't seem too concerned. Just sort of shrugged and said someone must have returned a fake bag for a real one they purchased from the previous shipment.

    I shop at Loehmann's often and this just really bothers me. I agree with the manager that a customer most likely did a swap, but the store should still be responsible about checking returned merchandise for authenticity. It's scary and a good lesson to look EVERYTHING over before buying!!!!
  2. That's terrible...does this mean he did not remove the bag off the floor? Buyer beware indeed!
  3. Wow that just disgusts me.

    I once bought a pair of Jimmy Choos from a store and the heel broke after walking 10 feet. I am not sure how much I weighed at the time but I've never gone past 120 lbs so I always found it strange that I managed to break the boot heel! I've always kept my suspicions that the shoe was fake although sold by NM.

    Tsk, tsk, the more I hear of stories like these the more I realize I'm probably right. It's sad bc I've boycotted Jimmy Choo ever since!
  4. this is exactly why I never buy designer bags from these off-price stores..the staff just isn't trained in designer goods and so these exchanges probably happen a LOT... I'd rather wait for a sale from Saks, NM, etc and be fairly certain I got the real deal
  5. how horrible! it doesn't surprise me that the manager doesn't really care about it though, and i'm sure none of the employees at my local loehmanns could tell what's authentic and what's not. guess it's just up to us to be careful with our purchases.
  6. I am really doubtful that it was a fake pair of shoes. Maybe someone else had damaged them and they were returned, or you just got a bad pair. Just because something is designer doesn't mean that there aren't a few defective versions that get sold.
  7. I read a horror story about a woman who did a charge send from Saks and had a fake BV sent to her. SA's should really be trained to examine merchandise better when it's returned. I can't tell you how many times I've returned bags and the SA's don't even take them out of the dust cover. It's scary!

  8. I think you're more likely to get a fake at a Deparment Store due to their lax retrn policies.
  9. definitely possible..that's for sure
  10. It is quite horrible to traipse such places, I would rather wait than for the sake of convenience.
  11. That's terrible! Unfortunately, that can happen at large retailers ( nordstrom, saks, neimans, loehmanns, etc). I work retail but I have always only worked in boutiques that sell only one designer. Everyone I work with are experts in all our products and inspect 100% any returns or exchanges from customers. I can always spot a fake and deny the return if it happens. However, SA's that work at large retailers are not familiar with any particular brands (just think grocery store clerks), they sell everything and every brand therefore they have no idea when they receive a return (sometimes they might not even check to see if it is the same item being returned on the receipt because they just want to get the task over with). To be safe, you should try to shop as much as you can in boutiques instead of large department stores.
  12. Chloe_Chea you are absolutly right!
    When designer goods are sold at "everyday" stores, I don't see how all of the staff are knowledgeable on being able to spot a fake on all the different brands!
    Producing fakes is bigger than ever and they are getting harder to spot!
  13. wouldn't it be awesome if the dept stores got a book of how to spot fakes with detailed info of what goes into making x bag?

    but then again if someone sold it online and the counterfeit makers got ahold of it

    then again you could always have a shady sa pretend not to know and help a friend do a switcheroo

    possibilities are endlessly scary
  14. Unfortunately it's not realistic to expect most retailer's SAs to be that educated in fakes vs authentics. There are just too many brands to know, too many SAs to train and too much of a turnover of staff. I'm sure the companies would rather take the loss from the merchandise than put the money into training them so intensively. That's why at the end of the day it's up to the customer to educate themselves about what they are buying---sad, but true. If you don't like it, then buy directly from the boutique.

  15. A friend used to work at Bloomingdales & she once told me Bloomies had their share of fakes - mostly from returns (switcheroos). She said they would often take them back knowing the return was a fake if the customer screened loud enough because they couldn't be certain the customer did not buy a previous switcheroo.