I found a D&B bag at a local consignment shop. Need help please r/o

  1. I'm not real familiar with D&B bags in general, but was scoping out for my mother. I think it was the meduim sac style from what I've found online. It was the cloth monogram in a tan-ish color. The strap looked like it was real pale leather like the leather on the LV's before it darkens. It looked brand new and was $75. I know so little about these bags though that I'm not sure if it's too risky. Is that a bag that is often replicated? Do they fake the silver hang tag with the duck on it as well? Sorry I don't have pictures. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments. Thanks!
  2. i would just get one from qvc but thats me or the d&b website or a store bu i would say no to that but thats just me
  3. I would try and find one at a local D&B store. :smile: