I FOUND A CURE for my -extremely- oily skin !! Here it is:

  1. I've always had extremely oily skin. I certainly got it from my mother, although hers is not nearly as bad as mine!

    I always used Cover Girl up until about 3 years ago when I started using MAC Studio Tech (pressed powder) About 9 months ago I started using MACs Moistureblend (creamy moisturizer foundation-- okay coverage) and found myself breaking out... after MONTHS I realized it was that (it happened so slow I didn't realize the possibility) and changed to the MAC Studio Tech (another creamy base, but more coverage) and it worked for a while... but then the same thing happened; so much breakouts.

    So all along the while I have had very oily skin where I've had to use oil blotting sheets all around the HOUR. I have oily skin by itself so I never thought to blame the makeup. I mean it was SATURATED really bad after about 30 minutes, it was terrible.

    I can't even believe it was the makeup that was making it worse; I had no idea. I always had the problem which is why I never thought of it, plus for some reason it kind of happened gradually.

    So now I'm using these two products and WOW. I finished my makeup at 8:00am. It's 4:15pm and I only had to blot ONCE at 1:30 because I was going out and wanted a touch-up, but that was all. I mean I was needing to tend to my skin a couple times an hour if I could before.

    My skin looks SOOOO AMAZING I love it... Love it love it love it.

    I feel so stupid that I never really asked anyone what to do and talk about makeup... because it was only last week I was talking to this woman I work with and she had a similar story with MAC (she just asked what I used and the conversation sparked) and it was like wow... could it be the makeup? I mean it seemed so gradual. The MAC was sooo much better than the CG so... I just always blamed it on myself. Or maybe it just doesn't mix well with my skin condition-- I'm sure that could be why as well.

    So with that, here is my ABSOLUTE MIRACLE combination!:

    Laura Mercier Foundation Powder

    Vincent Longo Light Canvas Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

    I absolutely consider it a cure!
  2. maybe this should be moved to the Beauty forum?

    Glad you found the perfect combo though!
  3. oops, I meant for it to be there actually! Sorry haha. Hopefully a mod can move it for me when they see it.
  4. Congrats...it is always great when you find what works well for you. I am so frustrated with the process but I am still looking for the perfect line or combo of products that is best for my skin.

    Congrats on finding the cure!!!
  5. Ooh, great tip, thanks! I :heart: Vincent Longo products.
  6. Hmmm.. I might be trying that. I have the same problem in these summer days..
  7. Me too - I was just thinking how awful my skin looked.