I found a Chocolate SPY!!!

  1. at Bergdorfs in NY!!!! YAY!!!
    It's not cognac, but hey...i finally got one!

    If you an believe it, they have one in blue left!!
  2. OMG ... congrats! I can't believe they have a blue spy as well. Are you buying both? All the searching and you end up with two stunning choices.
  3. wow they have a blue!!!
  4. blue is supposed to be petrol ...

    congrats huney and plz post pix ;)
  5. ;) perhaps I will be calling them for that petrol spy !!!!
  6. Oh I'm so glad you found one. I just replied to your other thread. Congrats!
  7. Congrats! I LOVE my chocolate Spy and I'm sure you will too! Picture please?
  8. mpark46, congrats again on the choc spy! please post pics as soon as you get it!!
  9. :love: I LOVE the chocolate Spy!!!

  10. Mpark46, if you have a choice between a petrol and a dark brown, PLEASE GET THE PETROL! You can get the dark brown anytime, but petrol is sold out and you're very lucky to come across one. Congrats!!
  11. Congrats!! I love my choc brown spy...you'll love it. Glad you didn't get the cognac...well, maybe it was just mine, but I had trouble with severe color rub-off. Returned it and got the chocolate. I've had no problems at all with the chocolate.
  12. That is great!:amazed:
  13. Congratulations! Did anyone get the petrol spy?
  14. i think if i recall correctly, acegirl got it? is that right, acegirl?
  15. Yup!:yes: I was lucky enough to get it..I should have it tomorrow or Thursday. REALLY excited:yahoo: