I found a Chanel at the STRANGEST place!

  1. Hey all!

    I stopped at a Goodwill/Salvation Army store when I was out & about yesterday... and guess what I found?! A pink classic flap... for $60! It passed the smell test, the hologram sticker test, and the authenticity card/light test. Hardware appears good, everything seems to be in the correct place. (How is it possible that I just scored an amazing deal?)

    I am just blown away! Who would get rid of a Chanel?

    I just tried to post pictures, but the file sizes were too big... I'll try again later. Just had to share my exciting news! :happydance:

    Have a great day, y'all!
  2. wow! is it in caviar or lamb? you're such a lucky duck! PLUS it's for a good deed!
  3. You lucky girl! Post pictures please...
  4. Congrats!!! I wanna see pics! :drool:

    If the file sizes were too big and you tried to attach them, try just uploading them to a website like imageshack.us :yes:
  5. Oh that is the best deal that I have ever heard of a real Chanel for $60 that is amazing I hope you can sort out pics soon so that I can see what you got and congrats on such a good deal
  6. Wow, you have to post pics! I don't go into the salvation army that often but the times I have I always wanted to score something big like that!
  7. wow! super deal~! congrats!
  8. WOW!!!! Amazing find! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  9. These are the pics I've been able to upload so far... I've got 3 more on the way.
    Chanel 3.JPG Chanel 4.JPG Chanel 5.JPG Chanel 7.JPG
  10. WOW how lucky are you?! it's insane! Haha congrats on such an amazing find!
  11. omg i'm so jealous i don't even wanna see the pics LOL
  12. Now that is what I call a DEAL!!!!
  13. holy cow! THAT'S A REAL DEAL baby! looks almost new to me! what color h/w is it? silver or gold? so happy for you! :graucho:
  14. WOW!!!!! It looks gorgeous and almost brand new??? You scored an awesome deal! Enjoy!