1. :yahoo: OMG! i'm sooo excited, i found another flat brass classique.
    a friend of friend's wanted to sell hers and i bought it!! :sweatdrop:

    it's so beautiful, the color is thicker than my season 2 flat brass '02. this caramel is from season 3.
    the tassels is unbelieveably in great condition and it's LONGG!!! :heart:

    i'm soooo in :love: today
    but tomorrow i might have to let one of my bags go :crybaby:
    DSCN1890.jpg DSCN1889.jpg DSCN1888.jpg DSCN1881.jpg DSCN1897.jpg
  2. OMG, Congratulations on your find, Seahorse. It's lovely!!!! :biggrin:

    Caramel '02 FBF is one of my dream bag as well. I'm still waiting for a miracle.
  3. Congrats Seahorse! So now you have another FB? They are both NICE! :nuts:
  4. thank you m1gr31n!, i believe your dream bag will come to you. i almost felt like a dream when this opportunity comes to me :P
    yes Pewter, now i have 2 FB :P and i actually not a "classique" girl, i only prefer my classique in FB.
  5. 0o0o0o0o SO LUCKY!!!!! congrats and thanks for sharing pics!!! ::drool::
  6. beautiful! I LOVE the caramel flat brass bags... seriously one of my favorites in my collection! enjoy! :love:
  7. Wonderfu, congrats...it looks amazing on you!:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
  8. WOW seahorse...... :nuts: CONGRATS :flowers: this flat brass classique is GOOOOORGEOUS :yahoo: and a really rare found, enjoy it :love:
  9. :nuts: You are sooooo lucky!
    Congratulations :yahoo:
  10. This is really gorgeous, and really worth letting another one go.
  11. And OMG it's in such good condition! The handles, clean!
    I can't stop going back to the pics. You are really lucky.
  12. O M G. You're so lucky! I'm officially envious! Congratulations!
  13. OH wow! It's gorgeous! You're so lucky to have found one in such good condition! Congrats!
  14. wow seahorse that looks amazing on you !! congrats on your great find !
  15. Congratulations...it looks so pretty!