I Found A Black Leather Mandy At The Outlet-help!! :)

  1. The outlet has one black leather Mandy available. The retail price on this bag is $798 but it's marked down to about $575. I have always admired this bag and I want to know:

    If you own one, how do you like it?

    Should I be concerned about the turnlocks?

    This bag is still available online at full price. Is something wrong with it?

    I appreciate any opinions or advice. Thanks! :smile:
  2. It would be less than $575 if it were Final Sale and somthing was wrong with it. It might just be a customer return. It should be perfect. If there were something wrong with it and it was final sale - it would be half the outlet price - in the mid $300 range.
  3. The Mandy Courier is available at one of my outlets for the same price. I don't think that $575 is such a good deal, unless you really want the bag in black. I myself personally would prefer the Mandy in one of the other colors (tan, whiskey or brown but not white). If you really love the bag and can really get use out of it you should buy it though. Think it through though because $575 is alot of money.
  4. If you really wanted that bag all along, I would go for it.
  5. I agree, I mean during PCE it was only ~600 right?
    Unless you really want black, I don't think it's a great deal.
    I have the shoulder zip in black and natural leather and frankly I don't think the black looks as good as the other colors in this style of bags.
  6. I appreciate all the good points everyone made. I took a ride out to the outlet and looked at the bag. Even though it is discounted it is expensive and I just didn't LOVE the black leather version. I do like black bags but I am not wild about this one. Someday I will get to see the bag in the brown shades and then I will know if it's for me.
  7. i own the black ali,& hubby paid full price for it.
    something must be defective for that price.

    everyone can use a basic black bag,so go for it!!
  8. I got one in Whiskey at an outlet for $575 and there is nothing defective. If someone makes a return at the outlet, the purse is automatically marked down because people aren't going to pay full price at an outlet. I've gotten some great deals this way. If it were at all defective, it would be marked that way and it would be an additional 50% off the outlet price of $575, would be sold AS IS for a Final Sale - non-returnable and non-fixable by Coach. The price tells me it's NOT defective.
  9. wow, thats good to know because the 3 legacy purses I bought from the outlet wear all mildly defective.

    I'm still learning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippy !
  10. yep! go for it!
  11. If the creed is stamped FS (the Factory Store embossment for a Final Sale) - or there is a black marker mark in the inside zip pocket it is a final sale (they do this at department stores, discount stores). A final sale Mandy would cost $287.50.
  12. Wow, I would love to have one of those.
  13. ^^^
    Who wouldn't!!
  14. The Mandy is a beautiful bag!! I think it's worth $575, but if you want a whiskey or brown one wait for it!!!! The whiskey is TDF!! I wish I would've bought it!!!
  15. I have the whiskey Mandy and I love her. If you have always wanted the Mandy and like the black and have need for a black bag, then I would get it. If I were you, I would buy it and carry it around my house and give myself some with her to decide. Because deals like that don't come around often and you don't want to lose the opportunity. Buy it and you will buy yourself some more time to decide if you REALLY want it.