1. *ahem*... i just stopped screaming.......

    HI girls!!

    Celebrate with me!
    A friend found me these 3 bags at a consignment store today!!!!!! yay!!! Go gay boyfriends!!!

    I love him to deathhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

    I'm just trying to find some money to pay for them now... yay!!!!


    The phone call went like this..
    "hi sweetie... you shall worship me.....i found your 2004 lilac city!!!!!"

    then i hyperventilated for 2-3 minutes.. until he said... there's a seafoam first as well..(with much less enthusiasm)... then i almost died...... while he was talking numbers to the shop lady...

    then he said..... "and a mustard city."... (I thought i was dreaming.....) and pinched myself... ..

    But then he said "but the mustard isn't very nice..."

    i screamed at him...... hehehe.. then he asked "do you want them alll you crazy nuthead??!!"

    then i said... DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

    i can't wait i can't wait i can't wait.......

    p/s: i'm not lying.. will have pictures soon. i hope..

    p/p/s: should i get the mustard city??
  2. aHH!! i want a gay boyfriend who goes to consignment stores & finds me awesome bags!!! you are one lucky duck!!!!
  3. hehe.. thank you! i'm sooooo lucky.. and it's nice cuz my birthday is coming too....

    and this gay bf is not even in australia with me.. he's an overseas penpal type of friend who i've known for 4 years.. but only met twice!

    oh... btw.. i need opinions on the mustard city..... what do you think bijou?
  4. thats so exciting! but i have one questions.. what's a consignment store??

  5. this is what I think it is...

    shop of dreammmmssssss

    like op shops that sell vintage dresses....

    i'm kidding.. it's just shops that people "sell" their unwanted second stuff to .. and wait for those to sell.. and get some money.

    it's like a brick and mortar ebay.. =) and with someone to sell stuff for you...
  6. Wow what a great guy! You're so lucky! So where was the consignment store?
  7. bangkok!
  8. Damn why all these gorgeous bags so far away lol! Ahhhh a seafoam first......
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: nut head!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: what a hoot.... i'm like smiling and laughing at the same time as i re-read your wonderful story... nut head.... heheehe, im going to try and use that 2moro when im at work.... hehehehe!

    congrats on the wonderful find!!!!

    you're a lucky chick!!!! woo hoo - you're going to be b-bag-ed!!!!!

    yeah, i say GO for the mustard.... you never know - you might like it!!!!


  11. OMG I am living in bangkok. How can I not know this?!

    You should get the 2004 lilac. Do you mind PMing me and letting me know the whereabouts of said consignment store? I promise I won't snag the bags you want. I was always convinced thai people didn't have enough money to splurge on such bags, and weren't fully aware of what balenciaga was. I've never seen a single soul carry a real one here. I must be looking in the wrong places or something.
  12. Alright. I'm still in shock. I mean, it makes sense to find them in Hong Kong where people get sick of fashion really easily- but I've trotted my city around and nobody really knows what it is. I must be living in a cave. Make sure your friend is certain they are real and not superfakes or something.
  13. okok.. i will...but have to call my friend first..i don't even know where he was..

    my friend has almost the whole metallic balenciaga collection.. so he knows.(hopefully). he's not into the non metallic ones... =)..
  14. actually.. isn't HK where the superfakes come from?
  15. I've lived in hong kong for a month to do some observation on this. They trickle in from China, where it's easy to transport them on the train. I was sitting on the train once coming back from China, when this woman was chattering in thai. Her conversation went like this:

    "How many do you want? Oh really? They had a lot. Many pretty ones. We could sell them for XXX amount in Bangkok."

    And she carried a fake black city! I've never seen anyone with a real one yet.. mostly bad fakes. Who knows... your friend probably really knows his stuff. After all, I can't beat the knowledge of some gay boy. :smile: