i FOUND 2 WHITE 2005 2.55 Reissues who wants it????

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  1. If so pm me ..
    I know Tammy want's one so there is one left:yahoo:

    ONLY PM me if you are ready to buy it

    Cost $2,095.00

    My SA is holding it for me under my name I will give you his name and number in the email


    Looks like this

  2. It's a beauty. I'm afraid of white bags. :sad:

    I have the 2.55 in grey and I love it.

    I would love to have it in Bordeaux.

    Nice find.
  3. PM'd you!
  4. TAMMY:yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. ONLY 1 more left..who is the lucky person???:shrugs:
  6. Yep! Can't wait until she gets here!:yahoo: :wlae:
  7. it's really a beauty....
  8. Do they make it in bordeaux? Any pics to show me?
  9. Somebody get it - I have the gray and the dark white - they are the best. If I didn't have the dark white I would certainly get this one.
  10. NM at KOP had one sitting on the shelf the other day.
  11. My SA is off until wed so its on hold for me until then..so you have until wed if anyone wants it ..or try NM in KOP like Lulilu said..Good luck,,Whoever gets it will LOVE IT..and I used mine yesterday and its not as WHITE that you need to worry about it getting dirty espically that is is a destressed leather..
  12. Wow! Incredibly gorgeous and $300 less than the current Reissue prices! Please, somebody snap this up because it's really tempting me...
  13. Beautiful bag. This bag has been tempting me for so long:sweatdrop: