I fought the fake sellers, and I won!

  1. Late last week, I headed over to a shopping mall about 20 miles from my home to do some holiday shopping. I stopped into the coffee shop to grab a drink when I noticed kiosk selling handbags. I saw a bunch of designer-inspired bags at first, but when I got closer, they had some blatant fakes tucked in among the designer-inspired bags. There was a fake LV Globe Shopper and Alma, several fake Coaches, and a couple of fake Chanels. I was horrified! When I got home, I immedately sprung into action. I went to the mall's website and found the contact information for the mall management. I wrote them a lengthy letter informing them that a seller on their property was selling items that violated federal copyright and anti-counterfeiting laws. I further told them that not only could the seller be fined/jailed, but the mall could be held legally culpable for allowing this activity to take place on their property. I also informed them that counterfeit merchandise is often assembled using child/sweatshop labor and that profits from counterfeit sales often fund organized crime or terrorist activity. I then told them that not only had I contacted them, but I also contacted the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition and the copyright owners (which I did).

    Today, I went back to the mall. The kiosk is still there, but all the fakes are gone! They still have designer-inspired bags, which are fine, but all of the blatant counterfeits that I mentioned in my letter to mall management were nowhere to be seen. Score one for the good guys! One person can make a difference! :tup:
  2. Good for you!! It makes me sick seeing those fakes out there!
  3. Good job! For whatever reason, people tend to forget that fakes are ILLEGAL.
  4. Yay for you, ArmCandy - there is a kiosk like that here at Rosedale Mall as well - I never thought to 'turn them in', but I may do so now. As you said, there were lots of 'designer-inspired' bags, but tucked in among the crap were a few 'Prada' bags - I looked at one and loudly told my husband "look at the tag, they can't even sew it on right - it's so crooked that alone would give this away"; DH said the employee had just come up behind me and heard everything as I walked away.

    Disgusting. <---looking up Rosedale Mall contact info
  5. Excellent! You know how sometimes you think you can't make a difference?
    You just proved this to be untrue. We all can.
    One voice can be louder than a crowd.
  6. Very cool, ArmCandy! Good for you! But you know those fake bags will probably be reappearing in that kiosk so best to keep a watch out. Did you hear from the ripped-off manufacturers by any chance? I hope those manufacturers contact the mall and express their own displeasure.

  7. You Go Girl!
  8. Wow! Good for you!!! Now if everyone would do something like that and then people will listen.
  9. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  10. Good job! You should be proud.
  11. Way to go for taking action! So many people just give this concept lip service, but you actually did something about it.
  12. Hats off to you! :tup:
  13. Great job!
  14. you go girl!!!!! That is so awesome! Its people like you who make a real deifference in fighting this horrible problem!!:tup:
  15. Go Girl! :dothewave: