i fought for my life..

  1. but lost!! ughhh :censor:

    Today I went to Neimans just to look!! I fell in love with a B-Bag, the first I ever held! :yahoo: I looked at it more, and learned it was a Black "First". It was perfect in everyway, it was the only one too!!!

    Then some girl comes by, she goes OMG, thats the bag I want! I looked at her like :wtf: . She goes, are you going to buy it? I said yes, of course. She buzzed around the store a bit, then comes back to me!!! I go yeah im going to buy it! She begged and begged, I thought she was legit about her story so I felt a lil sad... So she asked even more I gave in a bit... then she asked to play rock, paper, scissors for the bag.

    I lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im sad and madd. :censor: :censor: :censor: :censor:!!!

    I guess I got happy when I got new sunglasses!

    This wouldve been my first B-bag! im sad :crybaby: .
  2. I would have said :censor: !!!

    But....I think you'll easily be able to find another "perfect" First. Black is a color you can always find and a good one.

    Nice of you though! Consider that your good deed of the year. :flowers:
  3. I know, she said she was getting it for her daughter, she wasnt too old, so I suppose she would use it too.

    thats my deed! hahahaa
  4. That's so cute, playing rocks n' scissors! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I'm sure you'll find a new one soon.
  5. That was super sweet of you! Karma will come your way in the form of a super sweet smushy black classique!!
  6. I hope, I really loved it. I stood there TRYING to learn the styles and how theyre different, but I still didnt know! hahaha

    I love that bag soo much ;[
  7. :lol: you are so cute. black is always available so i am sure you will find another one. which Neiman Marcus did you go to?
  8. That's hilarious! And so nice of you, really, to indulge that woman. I'm sure you made her day. And everyone else is right: a black First is something you'll easily find again. (I know for a fact that they have them at the Balenciaga store in NY if you'd like to order one to have sent to you. That way there won't be any in-store fighting!)
  9. I went to the Neimans in vegas baby.

    Wouldve been nice to own the first B-Bag I ever held ;[
  10. Well what kind of sunglasses made up for your loss?
  11. Gucci! Theyre the only designer aviators that look good on me!

    Theyre also a style not seen everywhere!! thank god, I sort of feel exclusive hahahha.
  12. I just went sunglasses shopping as well and surprisingly ended up with a pair of Versace. I looked at some gucci, but they didn't fit my big head right! :^D
  13. Aww,that was so nice of you.Some major good karma is coming your way {{{{{{}}}}}}}}}

    and like everyone said, a black first will always come around you'll find one that will make you so happy!

    good luck.
  14. My mom wants some Versace ones, I like em, but theyre not my style, I guess theyre hers.

    Theyre a nice Mauveish color though -- That I love.
  15. Thanks! I want that bag soo bad! I love the size the mostttt.