I forgot to post my Alexandra MC Wallet!!!

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  1. With all the excitement on my MC beverly, I forgot to post my new MC Alexandra Wallet which I mentioned somewhere that I will post it...

    Actually, I am having second thoughts about it-- I love the compartments but find it abit WIDE to grasp on my hand...

    I wanted the pomme zippy initially but found it too big...then I looked at the azur french wallet..found it may be too bulky for my liking...I like to stuff my wallet. I actually like the mini zippy in denim...but keep telling myself not worth it....I am using my groom zippy and need more credit card space. Maybe someone can advise me whether I should keep it :smile:

    Anyway, I post the Alexandra Wallet for TPFers reference since I don't see it here

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  2. how roomy. HOW CHIC! enjoy friend!
  3. It's gorgeous! And a keeper! Congarts.
  4. So gorgeous that I might just get one for myself!
    Congrats! :nuts:
  5. If you want another MC, I think a MC zippy would be a good choice!
  6. ^^ Sigh but MC zippy is as big as the pomme zippy...any zippy owners find it too big?
  7. i like it..:tup:
  8. love it... keep for sure
  9. You know, when I started really looking at LV, I didnt much like the MC but it is growing on me.

    I LoVe this wallet,:okay: Congratulations!!!
  10. I took back an Alexandra for the same reason. I love the credit card slots and it's very pretty though. I have a funny thing about how things feel in my hand. Ended up returning the pomme ltd edition cles for that reason too - it was too big to hold comfortably in my hand. Have you thought about a pochette wallet?
  11. Congrats! I love the set up of the Alexandra wallet. My only concern with it was the vachetta on the inside. I wonder how quickly it would darken? I actually like the size of the Alexandra because it is roughly the same size as my mono small agenda.

    Have you thought about a Eugenie or Amelia?

    Eugenie which offers 12 credit card slots.

    Amelia with 18 credit card slots!

    The leather on the inside of the Amelia was soooo soft!
  12. I think it is so cute!
  13. Sob Sob...I don't seem to be able to get a pochette wallet in Spore. I asked but I think it is not sold here -- it is not even on the website.

    Eugenie is bulky for me.
    Amelia looks good..I will check it out again....

    Having said that....^^thanks for appreciating it ...I may just keep it ;)
  14. Crazy Bag, congrats on your new wallet!! It's very nice !!

    How much in Sg dollars? I am still waiting for MC zippy coin purse..
  15. Very nice, congrats! I love MC accessories.