I forgive my Coco Cabas--

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  1. It is getting more noticeably scratched than I had hoped, but, nevertheless, it is a great bag. It is great that it is an "it" bag right now, but I see myself carrying it well past its current popularity. It fits me well and I just enjoy carrying it ;)
  2. How long do these "it" bags usually last for? I'm just curious.
  3. Im glad u like it nevertheless!!
  4. That's good to hear! As long as you enjoy it, nothing else matters :yes:
  5. Yayyy love it.
  6. OMG...scratches? It scares me as I just got mine....Did you have the vinyl one? :wtf:
  7. No--I have the black leather
  8. no one can tell the age of a certain "it" bag.
    people used to say that balenciaga is an it bag, but it's been around for years now even can be considered as classic.
    chloe paddy really hits big when it first came out, but look at it now...
  9. Ohh, cool, I didn't know that.

    One learns new things here everyday! : )

  10. well, actually the paddington is becoming a classic...it is being made in different colors every season, and i know one of the company reps and she told me that it would be sticking around...