I flagged these but they are still showing up ?

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  1. does that mean that you need more than one person to flag ?
    http://boston.craigslist.org/nos/clo/558787934.html look at the "fall patchwork Carly" ARe they embossing leather fakes too ? I don't understand what the first one is
  2. OMGosh I could make a full time unpaid job out of flagging the totally gross knock off's on craigslist in my area! Good luck! :lol:
  3. I flagged them too, just to help you out & then hit refresh & they were gone! I hate fakes!! HATE EM!!!

    On a side note to that:
    I sent COACH an email with a lady out of a town North of me that is selling them out of her house, along with knock off LV, Prada, fake sunglasses, fake jewelry from Tiffany, etc about 2 weeks ago, and I never got so much as a response. I gave them her name, number, address, as well as a scan of her "business card" and a link to the assessor page for her house. Has anyone else turned someone in like that & have you ever gotten even an auto reply?