I fixed my Louboutins for $2.80!

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  1. #1 Oct 15, 2012
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    To give you the back story, I wore my purple patent Biancas out and on their very first outing the leather had scratched off the heel. I was pretty devastated since it was the FIRST outing. I thought I'd have a go at fixing it myself, so I bought some epoxy glue, mixed it up and applied it to the heel and voila!


    Detailed information of what I did are in my blog.

    Sorry I should add the epoxy glue cost me $2.80 :smile:
  2. It looks great!!! I have similar damage on a pair of Jimmy Choos. Also from the first outing! I've never worn them since and have never fixed them. I'm now thinking of having another look too see if it might be possible to try this. I don't think we have a Daiso in Brisbane though.
  3. Looks great ... Always good to have a creative side!!!
  4. They look amazing!! I'm def going to have to read your blog about this!

    Ps- I LOVE your VP lace in your avatar. They're so everything that is right for CLs (and pumps in general)!
  5. Awesome I will have to remember that!
  6. what is epoxy glue?

  7. It is pretty much super glue on steroids! You have to mix two parts together to activate it.
  8. You did a great job!! I'll have to see your blog to see how you did it for future reference! Thanks for posting!
  9. Great job!
  10. Oh no :sad: If the leather hasn't scrunched up and is just hanging off like mine was, epoxy should sort it out.

    You get can epoxy from Bunnings/Mitre10, maybe even Lincraft/Spotlight :smile:
  11. Thanks mrl!

    I love them but they are SO delicate. The lace has already started ripping on one of the heels. I took it to a cobbler and he said he couldn't do anything for me so they're sitting in my cupboard while I figure something out :cry:
  12. Yep it's pretty easy jaclyn :smile: Definitely something to keep in mind if it happens to you.

    Thanks dc419 :smile: Always good to save a few bucks instead of taking them to a cobbler and leaving your babies behind (I may or may not have separation anxiety from my shoes..... :wondering

    Thanks rock_girl!
  13. I feel your pain, as this happens to me often, I get my heels stuck in the concrete which peels the skin off the heel. Good on you for the DIY
  14. Oh no!!! Maybe could you do a DIY project and make the heel either in different lace or strass the heel or glitter in a color that would not be extreme contrast to the lace or the nude? (i have no idea if that would even look good on these beauties, but I'm sure our more artsy ladies on this forum would have amazing ideas to bring life to these beauties!)
  15. Good job :smile:

    Actually, even if it has scrunched up you can still fix it! Happened to my favorite pair (prorata patent). I used a hairdryer to warm the leather, then GENTLY pulled it down with tweezers - just make sure they are not too sharp :smile: you'll be able to glue it back (I used clear nail polish lol)