i finnally got KISSED!!

  1. :wlae:

    heheh so last nite I finally went out with this guy that ive liked for a really long time and i got my first kiss! ... and then a bunch after that lol.

    hahha i probally sound like a major loser but im really excited! oh and btw im 15!

    sorry if anyone thinks this is stupid but i just wanted to share my news! :yes:

    oh and now i have a boyfriend! and i mean ive had bf's before but they were just ok...this guy is so much better! lol
  2. awww congrats

    wish my first kiss was 'romantic' but it really wasnt lol
  3. aww, first kisses are so cute! cherish the moment
  4. awww yay :smile:. even after you have your first one ever, the first kiss with a new guy that you really like is always just as exciting, so you have plenty to look forward to!

    i've had two first kisses with guys i like (one of them i REALLY like) in the past two weeks, i feel like such a kiss slut...those first-kiss butterflys are such an addictive feeling :smile:
  5. Awe, how sweet!
    Congrats and best of luck with your new relationship.
  6. Awww, congrats! 15 is perect for a first kiss!
  7. How sweet :love:
  8. :tender: how romantic!!!

    My first kiss wasn't as pleasant as this. I was 14 and this boy in my class (who is a criminal lawyer now) had a crush on me. so after numerous attempts to ask me to the movies and me declining he asked me in front of all our freinds at lunch time! Gosh so many kids! So when I said yes (just to shut him up) he was in shock and puckered me up in the middle of the lunchroom,.. Guess what I did! I was so embarrased that I ran away! Well not only did I get teased by everyone in school for running away but I was nick named cinderella! They finally stopped after a few weeks but it always stood in my head how I ran away and everyone always called me Cinderella!!

    Well that's not as bad as ATTENTION WH*RE! Yeah u-hu :supacool:
  9. awww
  10. That's really sweet... :smile:

    Those innocent first kisses are really cute!
  11. Very Sweet... I :heart: first kisses!
    I'm married now,so my kisses are by the same guy, but the best guy ever! :love:
  12. Oh you're soooo cute!!!! hee hee! Congratulations! There must've been fireworks in the sky afterwards!!!
  13. Congrats on your first kiss :flowers:. My first kiss was with this guy that I madly fell in love with :P, though after that we didn't work quite well :nuts:.

    Thanks for sharing your first kiss story. I do enjoy this kind of story
  14. :tender: awwww! so sweet...:girlsigh:
  15. oh, it's great.. you must be smiling all the time for no reasons for a few days ahead :P